From 33012014 (my timestams are in GMT+1)

[01:27] <masso> Hello.
[01:27] <masso> that's all lol
[01:29] <masso> <Wind> Hello.
[01:29] <masso> <gonflynn> how are you
[01:29] <masso> <Wind> Suitable.
[01:29] <masso> <Wind> I apologize for any issues I may be having, a storm, as well as some connection issues are causing a bit of a setback.

From PPLs PMs: (my timestams are in GMT+1)

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[02:12] <lunchtime> <lunchtime> Do you have a favourite lesson, or moment since being involved w/ 3301 ?
[02:12] <lunchtime> <Wind> Motivated people see results.
[02:12] <lunchtime> <Wind> ---------------
[02:14] <Krixvar> oh that wasn't just me?
[02:14] <Krixvar> I'm pastebinning mine right now
[02:14] <Krixvar> she did the same thing
[02:14] <lunchtime> leet
[02:15] <Krixvar>
[02:15] <TaiiwoBot> ^ pastebin - Unnamed - post number 2542954 ^
[02:15] <Krixvar> that's the entire thing from today
[02:15] <Krixvar> only really interesting parts are where she tells me she'll connect to solvers at 9:25, which she did
[02:16] <Krixvar> and then right at the end before she leaves
[02:16] <D_Synapse_> gone?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:47:34] <Krixvar> are you allowed to recruit?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:48:50] <Wind> I no longer help recruiting.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:49:18] <Krixvar> Not even if you noticed someone exceptional while monitoring? No suggestions?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:52:35] <Wind> If I notice someone exceptional they would already have been recruited.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:53:01] <Krixvar> So you would not consider any of the people solving puzzles currently to be exceptional?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:53:11] <Krixvar> I know I'm not, but I'm impressed with others who have been
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:55:29] <Wind> In the current state no user I've monitored has been adequate, no. Yet I wait.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:55:51] <Krixvar> Interesting, so what do you look for?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:58:46] <Wind> Secrets.
[02:16] <D_Synapse_> she'll connect to solvers at 9:25, which she did .. ? to whom?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:58:58] <Krixvar> Secrets that they hold?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [19:59:15] <Krixvar> or you can't tell me what you're looking for
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:00:21] <Wind> That is a good question.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:03:59] <Krixvar> Do you enjoy what you're doing? Or do you feel that 3301 is using you?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:05:09] <Wind> It's the least enjoyable position currently, but someone must do it.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:05:29] <Krixvar> If you've been part of the organization for so long, why is it you then? Not someone new?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:05:36] <Krixvar> say, someone who succeeded last year?
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:07:24] <Wind> As much as I'd love to entertain the idea of an internet user of high-intelligence and background in various fields, including cryptography, programming, mathematics, and critical thinking sitting and monitoring an IRC they were once a part of, it would be a waste of talent.
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:08:31] <Krixvar> So what are they doing instead? I would presume that because you are also part of 3301 you are equally intelligent and talented
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:09:40] <Wind> ---------------
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:10:06] <Krixvar> I apologize if that was rude, I'm just curious
[02:16] <Krixvar> [20:10:42] <-- Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[02:17] <Krixvar> sorry for textwall
[02:17] <Krixvar> to me
[02:17] <Krixvar> its all in the pastebin verbatim, I just added in two notes in brackets
[02:17] <Krixvar> about when I used someone else's conversation to try to ask the same questions and then when those questions ended
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:03] <`Sta> will your iso from last year help with this year's puzzle?
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:05] <Wind> I am not at liberty to say.
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:08] <`Sta> I got one thing to say to you, miss.
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:08] <`Sta> YOU ARE A LAW UNTO YOURSELF
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:08] <`Sta> :)
[02:18] <`Sta> [01:09] <Wind> ---------------
[02:18] <`Sta> i got one too :P
[02:18] <Krixvar> weird
[02:18] <Krixvar> I thought I pissed her off haha
[02:18] <Krixvar> by asking why she was forced into the shit job
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> What are your favorite movies?
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> I have many.
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> could you please name some?
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> One of my recent favorites was "Exam".
[02:18] <Krixvar> wow..
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> hmmm excellent.. I'll put that on my list
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> I think films shape the global brain and mindset more than we realize. it is the most powerful artform. Sure books and painting were a means to get messages accross in the last century.. however Filmmaking has transcended all other artforms.
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> can you please name some more favorites of yours?
[02:18] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> Currently that is all that comes to mind.
[02:18] <Krixvar> maybe these should be logged?
[02:19] <Krixvar> that's weird
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> you said you had many?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> Yes, but many are not able to be found publicly.
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> I'm a film buff. I'll find them
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> name some?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> I did very much enjoy one called, The Golem.
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> the Jewish monster?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> 1920?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> I'm a bit fuzzy on the dates, but yes.
[02:19] <Krixvar> cuz that's definitely not a canned response
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> look up the Exam
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> yes i wanted to see how'd she'd respond to these quesxtions
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[02:19] <Krixvar> mine weren't very good lol
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> Tolkien used him in Lord of The Rings.. didn't he?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> Mind asking you how old you are?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> I do not know, age does not concern me.
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> what are you favourite musicians or bands?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> Mendelssohn.
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> i see. that's classical
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> how about contemporary?
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> i enjoy grunge, metal, industrial, 80's goth and psychedelic music
[02:19] <Krixvar> only real stuff I got was the two things I said..
[02:19] <Krixvar> the age response is canned
[02:19] <Krixvar> same I and someone else got
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> i enjoy grunge, metal, industrial, 80's goth and psychedelic music
[02:19] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> ---------------
[02:20] <azzy23> who's the bot?
[02:20] <D_Synapse_>
[02:20] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Exam (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ^
[02:20] <D_Synapse_> i'm downloading it.. lol
[02:20] <`Sta> have you listened to 3301.mp3?
[02:21] <D_Synapse_> " The final candidates for a highly desirable corporate job are locked together in an exam room and given a test so simple and confusing that tension begins to unravel. "
[02:21] <Krixvar> huh
[02:21] <Krixvar> I found it interesting that she actually mentioned the winners of last year
[02:21] <Krixvar> "<Wind> As much as I'd love to entertain the idea of an internet user of high-intelligence and background in various fields, including cryptography, programming, mathematics, and critical thinking sitting and monitoring an IRC they were once a part of, it would be a waste of talent."
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[02:29] <Krixvar> guess I should work, pm or mention if anyone else had interesting logs you want to discuss
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[02:37] <dead> DisturbedMushroo: i believe the -------, is the bots signoff message
[02:37] <dead> i got one as well, in the connections i still had open...and some of them I didn't even get any other messages from her (other then Hello)
[02:37] <Octavian___> can someone put up the onio
[02:37] <Octavian___> onion
[02:37] <dead> that was meant for D_Synapse_
[02:38] <dead> why would she respond to random letter names, over and over again??
[02:38] <dead> i connected at least 10 times with random names and got a Hello. for each one
[02:38] <dead> the ones I cared to left open, also received ---------, when she signed off.
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[02:46] <D_Synapse_> she likes an indie horror movie from 2009... but never heard of 2001: A Space Oddyssey? lol
[02:46] <ksihkehe> Are there still any loose ends that might tie to books. After looking at the wikia I've read some things that I feel heavily suggest a few books I may have read. Far more contemporary than most of the things I've seen from cicada. If you could pm me that would be good. I'm not as yound as I once was and I find that main chat hard to follow at times.
[02:46] --> e_roes_ (4b794d5a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #33012014
[02:46] <ksihkehe> or as young. heh. Old person typo.
[02:47] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> Do you know HAL?
[02:47] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> HAL?
[02:47] <D_Synapse_> <D_Synapse_> the one who wouldn't open the pod bay doors
[02:47] <D_Synapse_> <Wind> I do not know what you mean.
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[02:48] <ksihkehe> I'm talking about Daniel Quinn. After looking at some of the text I can't help but feel some of his work relates to a number of the ideas coming through the clues.
[02:49] <-- _193 ( has quit (Client Quit)
[02:50] <ksihkehe> Ah, Wind is here. Perhaps it may come straight from the horses mouth should she be familiar with Quinn.
[02:50] --> Surtri (~surtri@unaffiliated/surtri) has joined #33012014
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[02:51] <D_Synapse_> she left
[02:51] <ksihkehe> Oh no, nevermind. I was mistaken.
[02:51] <D_Synapse_> or it left
[02:52] <ksihkehe> I'd still like an answer. Are the others familiar with Quinn or are there book cyphers potentially unbroken. How long ago did she leave?
[02:52] <D_Synapse_> not me
[02:54] <ksihkehe> Ok. Should anyone be interested please pm me. I read this :Welcome:  Welcome, pilgrim of the great journey toward  the end of all things. It is not an easy trip,  but for those who find their way here it is a necessary one.  Along the way you will find an end of all struggle and suffering,  your innocence, your illusions, your certainty and your reality.  Ultimately you will discover an end of self.  •  It is through this pilgri
[02:55] <ksihkehe> Bah, text limit. There is a message on wikia that has a very similar vibe to quinn.
[02:56] <D_Synapse_> Or.. the Journey to the West
[02:56] <-> JuliusObvisius is now known as Ajarm
[02:57] <ksihkehe> I have no idea about journey to the west. There is a Wikia entry that started with what I was posting. It sounds very much like the ideas Quinn posited.
[02:59] <-- mce9_ (~mce9@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

My PM with Krix:

(my timestams are in GMT+1)

[00:00] - {Day changed to Thursday, January 16, 2014}
[01:32] <Krixvar> Hey, not sure if the place to tell you is in a pm, but wind had told me a bit ahead of time about when she was joining solvers
[01:32] <Krixvar> idk if that's anything worth noting for the wiki
[01:32] <Krixvar> or would give an idea of her location
[01:39] <Krixvar> full conversation, a lot of junk in here
[01:39] <Krixvar>
[01:39] <Krixvar> possibly more useful snippet from same convo -
[01:40] <Krixvar> sorry fixed type in my note
[01:41] <Krixvar> she says she'll be joining solvers at 9:25, then messages me when she did indeed join
[01:41] <Krixvar> and I'm pretty sure she's in +9 gmt
[01:41] <Lurker69> that is michigan time?
[01:42] <Lurker69> i think re alread got time ftom here
[01:42] <Lurker69> you can do ctcp request on IRC
[01:42] <Lurker69> and get time of her  OS
[01:42] <Krixvar> michigan is -5
[01:43] <Lurker69> ok
[01:43] <Lurker69> let me do ctcp
[01:43] <Krixvar> and missouri (where her ip is) is -6
[01:43] <Krixvar> I may have done the time wrong but that seemed interesting to me
[01:44] <Lurker69> iiirc, it must be in coincidentl wisit by wind article in wiki
[01:44] <Krixvar> ?
[01:44] <Lurker69> but her time last time we checked was on eh our differentthan michingan but it was that winter summer savign time i think
[01:45] <Lurker69>
[01:45] <Lurker69> this is where we keep most or all of here logs
[01:45] <Lurker69> and dates when she visited us
[01:45] <Krixvar> kk
[01:46] <Krixvar> what did you mean by eh our different?
[01:46] <Krixvar> sorry
[01:49] <Lurker69> one hour
[01:49] <Lurker69> CTCp
[01:49] <Lurker69> wind
[01:49] <Lurker69> i have 3 PMs going on and PS and wiki open..
[01:50] <Krixvar> no problem, I should have caught that kinda tired myself
[01:53] <Krixvar> gotta go for now, but just in case its worth anything, [19:25:09] --> Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #cicadasolvers - that's when her 9:25 am is. Sorry if I bothered you
[02:00] <Lurker69> no no
[02:00] <Lurker69> i am creating new account to ctcp her
[02:00] <Lurker69> since my client is retrded and doesnt lets ctcp requeststhroutgh
[02:00] <Lurker69> that time is based on your clock i think not on her
[02:03] <Krixvar> ah okay
[02:03] <Krixvar> that was the time the server gave for when she joined #cicadasolvers
[02:03] <Krixvar> which she earlier told me was "9:25 AM" but she didn't give me a time zone no matter how I asked
[02:08] <Lurker69> but that was you time right?
[02:08] <Lurker69> same as all timestamps you see ony your  screen
[02:08] <Krixvar> oh der yes
[02:08] <Krixvar> I thought it was the server's time
[02:10] <Krixvar> I'm on eastern standard time
[02:11] <Krixvar> which is gmt -5
[02:20] <Krixvar> final pastebin of the entire conversation if its useful, some other people got interesting ones too that all ended at the same time with her loggin off
[02:20] <Krixvar>

Logs from irc investigating winds time zone:

from spiers logs  for #3012013

CTCP time requests of wind

22:55 < borken> Who can tell the wind where to go?  lel
some things but still looking
23:00 < NiceLurk> 18:26 < hitsujiTMO> >wind< CTCP TIME
23:00 < NiceLurk> 18:26 < hitsujiTMO> -Wind- TIME Sat Sep 21 18:26:15 2013
23:00 < Charlatan> "has left"
23:00 < NiceLurk> her timezone was same as timezone of log server d
23:00 < NiceLurk> so GMT-5
23:01 < NiceLurk> hmmmm
but that GMT-5 can be from
exif of her jp
Countries in GMT-5 Time Zone
USA & Canada: Eastern Standard Time.  During Eastern Daylight Saving Time GMT-4
so in exif it is GMT-4 which iscanda winter saving timezone
now i need to get lefit ctcp, so i have two independedt sources for all thi
brotherBox ( has joined #cicadaops
Mode #cicadaops +o brotherBox by ChanServ
we also have this hist:
19:40 < NiceLurk> (Windows NT 5.1; rv:23.0  (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64   is probably freenode server
19:41 < NiceLurk> Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0       and    AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.76 Safari/537.36   is probably userc computer
19:41 < NiceLurk> but idk
19:42 < hitsujiTMO> no, (Windows NT 5.1; rv:23.0  (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64 is OS
19:42 < hitsujiTMO> AppleWebKit is webkit powered browser = such as chrome
and i htink this eded in debate that she uses chrome on win 32 bit
19:47 < hitsujiTMO> using windows 8
19:47 < hitsujiTMO> windows nt 6.2 = windows 8
22:53 < NiceLurk> exif time: Create Date    2013:09:21 20:27:42-04:00
22:53 < NiceLurk> does that -4:00 means timezone'
22:53 < Charlatan> -4 gmt?
22:53 < Charlatan> Idk
22:53 < NiceLurk> because Traverse City, Time zone Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
22:54 < NiceLurk> but it can be that summer winter time thing

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