Introduction and Disclaimer

Wind has been one of the most notorious people in both puzzles, a person claiming to be part of 3301/Cicada. Wind claims that they are a woman, and that her IP address is a fake, resolving from Michigan. She gave out clues during the 2012 puzzleset, and mentioned parts of 3301/Cicada's structure. The following section will attempt to debunk and point out contradictions in Wind's case.

Counterhash requests that although they will do their best to debunk this myth in the following, the ultimate decision as to whether or not you believe this is real or fake has to be made by you. With that out of the way, let's dive right in:

22:55 < borken> Who can tell the wind where to go?

Other Articles On the Wiki About Wind

How wind became important Link to another article about how wind became important in 3301.

Coincidental visit by wind  Link to logs where we mark every time wind visits our IRC.

Winds broken jpg puzzle:

Winds puzzle left in comment from her IP

Timelaps of her appearance duringthat puzzle

>>>>>>>>Coincidental visit by wind<<<<<<<<<   Here are links to logs from 2014!

Why We Love Wind So Much

IRC from 2012

There are two logs so far which have been found from 2012's IRC, both concerning Wind. They are rather long, and so instead of directly quoting the whole thing you can find them here and here.

The first, and most obvious thing to note here is the fact that wind provided NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that they are from or involved with Cicada/3301. Wind did give away a lot of information away about Cicada/3301, and gave away some interestng clues which have not yet been solved. The main clue here is posted below:

lpvrx pg zo hrunv.
fmb r jhi wzslemr.
cefl zn laowe
ohqfv rg urn ahg frwap.
zrvymi tahb m bwad, 
rfr'l biiyss an ee.
m gymh ezle aowe qog
ossnm khx zsm.
sambzv ek byam tok swey
kv qwie wahh ie kak
oeh hqtk poc ie veqa.


Note that this message also does not include a valid GPG key.

It can be argued here that Wind is a test by 3301, a test of each solver's faith as to whether they want to believe Wind or not.


Mahisha is another IRC user who randomly joined from the same IP lookup as Wind, and started spouting random messages. One of these was a pastebin, titled n1D1U1G1A4Q1A2J1, and containing the following text:


Wind stated that Mahisha was part of Cicada/3301.

Here is the log:

The Key To The Manifest

In a shocking revelation, the solvers found something very interesting from the 2012 puzzle:

<wind> The folly is the key to our manifest Thomas has a folly. 

In case this isn't obvious, folly was a file found in the 3301 OS files. This being mentioned in 2012 really shakes the whole thing up. To continue, Mahisha mentions folly later on:

<Mahisha> The highly intelligent do not possess Thomas' folly
<Mahisha> I am not Topiary, your folly will lead you from the face.

This could almost confirm Wind's involvement in 3301/Cicada, as she basically predicted part of the 2013 puzzle.

IRC From 2013

In 2013's puzzle, Wind turned up again during the end phases. The log files can be found here and here.

One thing to note here is that Wind originally claimed to be a part of an 'original five', and this time claimed to have been signed up. It is maybe not mutually exclusive to be a part of the originals and also have been signed up, although they seem to suggest it is mutually exclusive. Wind from 2013's IP also originates from Michigan, which maybe does also suggest that she is the same Wind. It is easy to interpret 2013's appearance in different ways.

Wind in 2013 also mentions that they have no way of contacting cicada, which is completely contradictory if wind from 2012 physically met up with other members of Cicada/3301.

Log of a pm

MSG(Wind): ce5 = 3301
MSG(Wind): hex to decimal
MSG(Wind): broadcasting system...
21:49:55   Wind | Partially.
21:50:00 Surtri | You troll
21:50:15   Wind | ce5 is not only 3301.
21:50:25 Surtri | I don't believe that
21:50:38 Surtri | No offence, I just think you're trolling
21:50:50 Surtri | But I'm still wondering about the folly comment last year
21:50:51   Wind | For what initiative? 
21:50:57 Surtri | None, just for fun
21:51:04 Surtri | Just for fun*
21:51:32   Wind | Perhaps the folly comment was only a coincidence. 
21:51:41 Surtri | It crossed my mind, but it would be a big one
21:51:41   Wind | After all it is a commonly used English word.
21:52:15 Surtri | So were you really in 3301?
21:52:15   Wind | I answer nearly all questions asked, feel free if you have any.
21:52:20   Wind | Yes.
21:52:31 Surtri | Is there any way you can prove you're/were in 3301?
21:52:48 Surtri | I'm not asking for private information on them.
21:52:55 Surtri | Any form of proof that wouldn't be breaking rules they have.
21:53:03   Wind | If you have suggestions, feel free but as I see it no.
21:53:08 Surtri | I don't see any.
21:53:24 Surtri | Why visit us again if I may ask? Is it going to progress?
21:54:01   Wind | From what I gather, no. I'm simply here because I enjoy conundrums as much as anyone else here. Entertainment, nostalgia, curiosity. 
21:54:07 Surtri | Ah
21:54:09 Surtri | I see
21:54:21 Surtri | I was curious because during the puzzle the day after you visited all the onions came back up
21:54:43    <-- | Wind (18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Disconnected by services)
21:56:03    --> | Wind (18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. is back on server
21:56:20   Wind | I apologize, I was disconnected.
21:56:35   Wind | It may have been planned that way, however I would not have knowledge, I no longer aid in recruitment.
21:56:51 Surtri | You said you got recruited based on psychology?
21:57:01 Surtri | Wait
21:57:07 Surtri | Just to prove you are who you say
21:57:12 Surtri | How do you get contacted by 3301?
21:57:55   Wind | 3301 is simply the recruiting section of the group. I met a member in person and worked with mahisha for some time, contact after that was initiated by them in various ways.
21:58:05    <-- | Wind (18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Disconnected by services)  
22:02:41    --> | Wind (18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. is back on server
22:02:58   Wind | Being kicked. Will talk later if I am allowed to join the IRC.
22:03:31 Surtri | You're always allowed
22:03:34 Surtri | Goodbye
22:03:52   Wind | Good luck.
22:03:53   Wind | -------------
22:08:09    <-- | Wind (18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)

The Troll Claim

In February 2012, a paste on pastebin appeared where 'Wind' claimed to be a troll:

!This was "fake wind" or "wintermute". This entity did not have same IP as wind. Not Travrse City at all. All IPs from real wind are from Traverse City. Fake wind with this PGP signature was creation of one of secret groups n 2012 with intention to deceive other followers.

Hash: SHA1

From: <>
To: The Internet <>

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet,

     I am why you cite your sources. It is said that a lie told often
enough becomes a truth; apparently, a troll repeated sufficiently becomes a
prophet. When the call to investigate first appeared on the internet, I
marveled at the psychological manipulation put into play by a true master
of the art; when the cicadas appeared around the world, I realized that I
was standing in the internet's most fertile ground for trickery. You were
so starved for clues you consumed my poison without question, and even when
you caught my lies, you continued to eagerly swallow. When you sought to
understand the identity of the puzzle I gave you closure by falsifying an
ARG; when you needed another text to give you insight I handed you
Neuromancer; when you wanted to know who wind was, I stole the name and

     Since the game is played out, I want to offer you some closure. I am,
after all, the only one who can tell you when it was I was truly trolling,
and when you misattributed my actions to those who gave out legitimate
information. Let me offer you a brief summary of my work.

I am Wind 3301.

I am MUTE.

I am Artemis.

I am

I am Wile E. Coyote.

I am the face in the onion.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Sadly, as Wind on IRC provided no GPG signature or key, it is also impossible to confirm Wind's indentity and match it with Wind on pastebin.

Summary of 3301/Cicada according to Wind

Cicada according to Wind is:

  • Originally made up of 5 people
  • Two of which monitor IRC, the others design puzzles
  • Wind herself physically has met at least 2 other Cicada/3301 members/affiliates
  • Wind was tasked with finding and checking up on QR codes
  • An organisation with an interest in human thought processes (2013 mentioned)

It can be deduced from Wind's statements that:

  • Cicada/3301 own a computer on a plan with a local internet company in Michigan, which functions as a proxy for wind and presumeably Mahisha to use

Final Deductions

In a world of trolls and encryption, one should only trust someone claiming to be 3301/Cicada if they provide a legitimate. To publicly available knoweledge, Wind is a fake and a troll as she refused to provide legitimate proof of existance. If they were truly 3301/Cicada, they would also at least be using Tor, and not a proxy in Michigan.


Alternative information about Wind

How wind became important Link to another article about how wind became important in 3301 story.

Coincidental visit by wind  Link to post where we mark every time wind visits our IRC.

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