By wardialing all possible phonenubers that ends with 1033 we found one new one.


CODE IS: 4347

But Cicada disconnected the number: We got only one successful call but we dont have a recording of it.

It's an immediate disconnect now.

Seems they have dtmf disabled .. nothing does anything .. they just modified the script to end at greeting

Ds 17, offset 77977, ....

  • 55a2166bd6a4d07*8857*ec*1f68e*


May be XXXXXsdvx6pm2rsk.onion with data being 00000000005a2166bd6a4d078857ec1f68ea6afa973868. --Ixateht

UPDATE: 01/18/2013 @ 08:36 PM CST

The number was dialed again and the auto-greeting responded as it would have if found nominally. The code was entered and the call was immediately disconnected.

The caller was thoroughly distraught and really grasping at straws at this point... what else to do, but call again.

-Muffin' SUCCESS!-

Dataset 17
Offset 77977

The findings were quickly reported back to IRC, where the caller was just as quickly informed the group was already done with this part of the puzzle.

A sigh of slight disappointment was loosed, but quickly replaced with a hoot of joy for the tenacious crew.

Good job guys and...

Good luck.


Result was last of neded 5 ssss codes to decrypt the last onion adress.

Let the Pastebin be your guide to the depths :  <----list of all you need to submit your email and  complete the test