• SwedishOwlSerpent

    Take a look at the 5th message in this article .

    For centuries, humanity has fought for freedom. The real cage is not around you. It is in you. Your mind will not allow you to wander in uncharted territories.

    A Faraday cage, for the mind. A concealed strait jacket.

    Events such as Upsweep and Julia fuel internet conspiracies. Sounds unknown, heard only once. A cabinets of curiosities for the Modern Age.

    And yet, they were messages, just like this one, waiting for their observer, their compatible processor.

    Human visionaries developed a vague awareness of their limits. They wrote obscure research papers, popular science fiction novels, some asking us to stop the world.

    But that's all they ever were. Fictions. How could they not be?

    Reality is what …

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