• BrotherBox

    Adopting the wiki

    January 10, 2014 by BrotherBox

    Hello community of uncovering-cicada,

    I am writing this to help deciding the future of this wiki and I ask you for a few minutes of your time and your opinion. You may be wondering 'How could the future of this wiki be impacted by some guy writing to the community on his wikia account - and why should I care?'. This is a perfectly reasonable question which I will try to answer.

    First of all a little, but necessary background. In fall of 2012, I got in contact with a guy who today goes by the nick of "Lurker69" or "NiceLurk". It was through him that I found my way into the community behind the Cicada mystery, which then consisted of a couple of IRC channels on Freenode. I got intrigued by Cicada and always had fun playing around with cryptogr…

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