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Anagram solver:

ASCII HEX DEC BIN converter:



Gematria Primus count:

Reverse text generator:

Rumkin old ciphers:

mlehmk rune translator (not released yet)

Steganography software:

Writing in Runes:


XOR many ifles in all combinations:  (works in wine also)

Scripts and Cyphers

XOR python scripts made by contributors of past puzzles:

[17:12] <skuater>
[17:12] <skuater> ill try explain how work but my english its too bad
[17:12] <skuater> hope help to somebody
<cclark> here's a python script to xor all of the strings together, in all permutations:
<cclark> Lurker69: string permutations are here:
<cclark> and script to generate is here

XOR script from OTP22 arg (not best for our needs)

XOR script with sliding window looking for ASCII output
XOR script with sliding window looking for ASCII output
[07:07] <Lurker69> crashdemons: btw wil lyou help them cicada noobs to solve xoring isuue when you help will be needed? i still dont know how to propperly sue your otpXOR tool :-(
[07:08] <crashdemons> for a regular xor or for a scan?
[07:09] <crashdemons> regular xor:
[07:09] <crashdemons> otpxor.exe e keyfile1 keyfile2 startingoffsetinkeyfile1 outputfile
[07:10] <crashdemons> where keyfile2 is usually the smaller, the message
[07:11] <crashdemons> scan for readable strings:
[07:11] <crashdemons> otpxor.exe s keyfile1 keyfile2
[07:12] <crashdemons> all the keyfiles must contain binary data (bytes) - not hex, not 101101101 strings
[07:12] <crashdemons> Lurker69, need anything clarified?
[07:14] <Lurker69> thx
[07:14] <Lurker69> what is you have 3 files?
[07:14] <crashdemons> two inputs, one output
[07:14] <Lurker69> no no 3 inputs
[07:14] <Lurker69> last year we had to xor three things to get png
[07:14] <crashdemons> oh, what *if* ?
[07:15] <Lurker69> if* yes ssory
[07:15] <Lurker69> do it twice then
[07:15] <crashdemons> you could otpxor e keyfile1 keyfile2 offset intermediatekeyfile1_2
[07:15] <Lurker69> and in reverese.... i have to reverse file myself right?
[07:15] <crashdemons> then otpxor e intermediatekeyfile1_2 keyfile3 offset.... output
[07:16] <crashdemons> I could implement a multiple file xor function, but how would you decide all of the offsets?
[07:17] <crashdemons> the wonderful thing about XOR data is that it's orderless, actually.
[07:17] <-- kantu ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[07:17] <crashdemons> as long as your XOR all the missing components in the equation, you get the other one.
[07:18] <crashdemons> if   A xor B xor C xor D = E                     C xor E xor D xor A = B
[07:19] <crashdemons> it's a wonderful mishmash operation.
[07:20] <crashdemons> A xor B = C xor D xor E
[07:20] <crashdemons> whatever you use equals whatever is left
[07:21] <crashdemons> unlike the 5Gram replacements, which are very order-based 
[07:22] <crashdemons> anyway I need sleep

RUNE ANALYZER SCRIPT: (Made in 2015 for the unsolved rune pages)

Python Rune Conversion Script: (you have to download because of unicode issues)

<SepheusIX> I made the Vigenere table

<SepheusIX> English in, English out

sepheusIx vigenere eng in eng out

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