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Welcome to the main information hub pertaining to the mystery of 3301/Cicada. Please use the menu to access any pages which might be of interest to you.

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All main and subpages regarding the Cicada 3301 2014 Puzzle.


(Begins with upload of message to hidden services)

This is a page to add current progress and new, verified discoveries. Put here only things that led to next stage and step by step walkthroughs. Post multiple bachups of pastas since some expire.
Cicada 2014 Recruitment
Puzzle Wikia
Clean lean version of puzzle progress
Progress overview
(PDF with inks)
Diagram of progress and branching in PDF form with links.
Liber Primus Sacred Book Pages from Cicada's Sacred Book with decoded english translation in latin charset.

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Please read this before joining the channels
  • The purpose of this community is to work as a hive mind, to spread knowledge, to share all information, and to allow everyone to participate. We do not hide progress of any puzzles; we provide transparency at all costs, as long as privacy is respected.
  • We need new, fresh minds, as we still have untied ends left. We need to provide all new visitors an equal opportunity to participate in the Cicada 3301 hunt. The main channel (#33012014) has become very noisy over time. To get the situation under control, we have directed solving efforts to the channel #cicadasolvers. Please do not spam, and read the current page of this wikia before asking potentially redundant questions.
  • Some people are forming secret channels and splinter groups. These secret groups are dividing our community and this Wikia, so please use the alternative low noise channels we provide. All those channels should be posted in the topic of the main channel #33012014, and in the list below.
  • If you create a new channel for a specific step of the puzzle, PM one or more channel ops to have it appear in the main channel topic.
  • If you join an alternative, low-noise channel, PLEASE don't ask stupid questions. Google is your friend and Freenode has channels for almost every software with lots of members; seek help there first or use our #3301FAQ channel. Not following this rule annoys experienced members.
  • In the past few days, we have been mentioned in news coverage with BBC, The Guardian, Russia Today and many more.

Also, before you join any of the IRC channels we recommend you view a few minutes of this video and remember: Trust nothing, Verify everything!

Julian Assange Talk from 30C3, listen at least from 20:16 until 23:08 please
Note: this community is in no way related with CCC or Julian Assange and Wikileaks,
the only purpose of this link here is that the quote linked describes the guidelines of this community perfectly

~Sincerely, the management

Are you with the media? Write to our unofficial contact at for more information, questions, or to contact this year's 3301 solvers.Edit

The main communication between members of the collective is IRC. In 2014 we used Freenode, and the channel can be found at the links listed below.

Note: Sometimes we have to block all webchat users in certain channels, so these links might not work. Also, you must use a dedicated IRC client or irc2go.


Main Channel for solving the Cicada 3301 Puzzles.

#3301Cicada Low noise channel, meant for solving current step of puzzles for more advanced level; #hackers, wink wink :-P
#3301FAQ Channel for all new members, journalists, and people who like to introduce new people to the world of Cicada 3301.


This is the main channel for discussing the underlying layers of philosophy, psychology, and literature of 3301 and their lore.

For all is sacred!

Don't troll or you will be banned!

Media stuff or as we call it: Share your experience with worldEdit

MORE ARTICLES: November 2013 media exposure

post new ones in this link so we keep main page clean

 Artists that were inspired by Cicada 3301 to make art

Some guy offered five million dollars in bitcoin for info on Cicada 3301 endgame. Nice try, NSA.

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This articles does not contain every detail of each step of the puzzles, for more detailed informaton check Archived Old Archived or use search

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Note that all articles in old menu are "stubs". Not propperly edited, we were using it to help us with puzzles and afterwards they stayed in their "raw" form.

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