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Feb 2017: We disabled comment sections on this Wikia due to excessive spamming. If you have anything to add you can find us in #cicadasolvers on freenode IRC. Article Liber Primus Ideas and Suggestions and users personal blogs are still editable.

Cicada Puzzles






     ,+++77777++=:,                    +=                      ,,++=7++=,,
    7~?7   +7I77 :,I777  I          77 7+77 7:        ,?777777??~,=+=~I7?,=77 I
=7I7I~7  ,77: ++:~+777777 7     +77=7 =7I7     ,I777= 77,:~7 +?7, ~7   ~ 777?
77+7I 777~,,=7~  ,::7=7: 7 77   77: 7 7 +77,7 I777~+777I=   =:,77,77  77 7,777,
  = 7  ?7 , 7~,~  + 77 ?: :?777 +~77 77? I7777I7I7 777+77   =:, ?7   +7 777?
      77 ~I == ~77=77777~: I,+77?  7  7:?7? ?7 7 7 77 ~I   7I,,?7 I77~
       I 7=77~+77+?=:I+~77?     , I 7? 77 7   777~ +7 I+?7  +7~?777,77I
         =77 77= +7 7777         ,7 7?7:,??7     +7    7   77??+ 7777,
             =I, I 7+:77?         +7I7?7777 :             :7 7
                7I7I?77 ~         +7:77,     ~         +7,::7   7
               ,7~77?7? ?:         7+:77           77 :7777=
                ?77 +I7+,7         7~  7,+7  ,?       ?7?~?777:
                   I777=7777 ~     77 :  77 =7+,    I77  777
                     +      ~?     , + 7    ,, ~I,  = ? ,


Please read this before joining:

  • The purpose of this community is to work as a hive mind, to spread knowledge, to share all information, and to allow everyone to participate. We do not hide progress of any puzzles; we provide transparency at all costs, as long as privacy is respected.
  • We need new, fresh minds, as we still have untied ends left. We need to provide all new visitors an equal opportunity to participate in the Cicada 3301 hunt. The old channel (#33012014) became very noisy over time. To get the situation under control, we directed solving efforts to the channel #cicadasolvers. Please do not spam the channel, and read the current page of this wikia and the FAQ before asking questions.
  • We have been mentioned in news coverage with BBC, The Guardian, Russia Today and many more.
  • The main communication between members of the collective is IRC, the link can be found below.
                #cicadasolvers on freenode is the main channel for solving the Cicada 3301 puzzles

Before you join any of the IRC channels we recommend you view a few minutes of this video and remember: Trust nothing, Verify everything!

Are you with the media? Write to our unofficial contact at for more information, questions, or to contact this year's 3301 solvers.

~Sincerely, the management

Some useful links:

Some less useful links:

Note that all articles in old menu are "stubs". Not properly edited, we were using it to help us with puzzles and afterwards they stayed in their "raw" form.
Menu doesn't list all existing pages. If you are looking for more detailed articles make sure to use search function.

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