15:26 -!- spankstanza [6bcc41d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
15:27 < VBFH> thread got deleted
15:33 < spankstanza> hey guise.  came here from and  i'm interested in the gematria. does it work?
15:34 < mastershake> spankstanza: have you installed gentoo?
15:34 < spankstanza> what? no. why?
15:34 < Tjnormal> lol
15:34 < spankstanza> the Gematria Primus from the Cicada 3301 group
15:36 < VBFH> how should it work? it was just used for an encryption
15:39 < spankstanza> i used the count script from the uncovering-cicada wiki to go through the 3301 text, and i found a lot of things that were... weird. but i assume you guys have already done that and have a lot more info on it all.  are there sites with wordlists that add up to certain numbers and things like that?
15:40 < VBFH> 3301 text? the warning?
15:40 < mastershake> be back in a couple minutes fellas
15:40 -!- mastershake [40839da2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:40 < spankstanza> i haven't seen any linked to from the wiki, but it seems like any serious investigation into cicada cover the tools they provided. especially something as potentially powerful as a full-fledged english language gematria.  the occult community has been looking for one for hundreds of years.
15:41 < spankstanza> @VBFH yes, some of that. also some from the images.
15:43 < spankstanza> things l like the name of the song "The Instar Emergence" adds up to 761.  then the song is 167 seconds long.  both are primes, and reversed of one another.  then the warning text where he's obviously quoting things? add up to primes and usually primes forward and backward
15:43 < iII|afk> "looking for one"
15:43 < iII|afk> this isn't something they found, it's something they made up
15:43 < iII|afk> and chose their words for
15:44 < iII|afk> we tried all the lines of everything in 3301, this year and last, in the gematria when this was going on
15:44 < VBFH> they use primes everywhere because they are important for encryption
15:44 < iII|afk> lots worked, lots didn't
15:46 < spankstanza> not so sure.  the order of the letters comes from the first alphabet used to write english -- thousands of years ago.  then, on top of that, they just used the first prime numbers.  not really something the "just made up".  then there's the obvious crowley reference in the image: "an order and a value," when the book of the law says: "55. Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols 
15:47 < iII|afk> yeah, they like referencing him, use him a lot for book codes
15:47 < spankstanza> but the value of the gematria is in having word lists and data... i assume you guys have done this already? databases of words and their counts? things like that?
15:47 < spankstanza> or should i do this?
15:47 < iII|afk> you're missing that it didn't magically make their words add up to things, they picked words that would, becuase they're careful about the symbolism of things
15:47 < iII|afk> it should be on the wiki
15:48 < VBFH> every help is useful, spankstanza
15:48 < spankstanza> i'm not missing that at all, iII.
15:49 < spankstanza> the hebrew and other occult gematria didn't "magically add up to things" either.  people carefully crafted the texts so that this would happen, providing new levels of meaning to the text itself. THAT'S the entire point of a gematria. at least within the occult
15:50 < spankstanza> for them to put it together and release it, would seem to imply that there's another level of meaning to, well... anything? everything? who knows.
15:50 < iII|afk> and their was, a lot of those numbers ended up useful
15:51 < iII|afk> the server had a command to add lines up for you if you dropped it in
15:51 < spankstanza> we really need to work on a database of words and values.
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15:51 < iII|afk> once again, at least at one point, it was on the wiki
15:53 < spankstanza> i haven't seen anything like that on the wiki.  ill try to find an example with other gematria so you can see waht i mean
15:54 < VBFH> the server? do you mean the OS?
15:54 < NiceLurk>
15:54 < spankstanza> Here is what we need:
15:55 < spankstanza> but for the Gematria Primus
15:57 < spankstanza> that's just the beginning stages of a useful gematria.
15:58 < spankstanza> i figured it would be done already
15:58 < Tjabnormal> who wants free steam game
15:58 < NiceLurk> 761 and 167... werent those numbers in cookies of test onion page?
15:59 < VBFH> yeah NiceLurk
15:59 < NiceLurk> didnt know that instar the emergence adds to 761
15:59 < NiceLurk> nor that it lasts 167 seconds
16:00 < spankstanza> it's only through adding up everything we can (entire dictionaries, etc) and then correlating the results that we can start to see the patterns.
16:00 < iII|afk> alright, that I know was on the wiki
16:01 < spankstanza> at least, that's how it works with occult gematria. i'm not sure that cicada 3301 is occult, but they present this as a real gematria so it seems like that's what they want us to do with it
16:03 < iII|afk> so, did you read where 3301 this year ended up after the gematria? Or did you hear about that part and stop there?
16:03 < NiceLurk> hmm, cookis arent even mentioned in wiki, we didnt post anything from that "test page" investigation in wiki since it was all so secretive
16:04 < spankstanza> i read through the whole thing, but i'm not a hacker. i'm more of an occultist. so i thought i'd try to help out in the way i can
16:05 < spankstanza> that seemed like a big missing piece to me, but that's my area of experience, you know? i might not understand the hacker side of it
16:05 -!- mastershake [~root@gateway/tor-sasl/mastershake] has joined #33012013
16:05 < iII|afk> well, if it gets you an email, feel free to play with it
16:05 < mastershake> bck
16:06 < iII|afk> but seeing as this ended with having to code a server on an onion service, that they visited, I'll be suprised if this leads anywhere we didn't get
16:07 < spankstanza> maybe, but it seems like the one thing you guys didn't thoroughly investigate.
16:07 < NiceLurk> 167=6941f707ff39d259ff71657a79cb6b54c184d2f0455810109c1a960860bde0e6; 761=7bc1e7805ccfa518920f0d94fc4e8f7dbd83287a03b337b89109cd2287befae5; popunder=yes; popundr=yes; setover18=1
16:07 < spankstanza> so, it seems like the only remaining direction to take it
16:07 < iII|afk> I've got the list of all the words and sentances used this year and last year saved on a machine at home, if you're around later I'll post it if I find it
16:07 < iII|afk> I missed a bit in there
16:08 < iII|afk> all the words and sentances, run through the gematria
16:08 < spankstanza> cool.  put them up in a pastebin.  preferably sorted by their counts
16:09 < mastershake> what i miss?
16:09 < spankstanza> so... another thought i had when i was reading all this.  what was the timeframe between the servers being looked at and snowden?
16:09 < iII|afk> it'll be minimum 10 hours or so till I can look for it
16:09 < iII|afk> 4 months or so
16:09 < spankstanza> hmm
16:10 < iII|afk> nothing has happened here since the end of feb
16:10 < VBFH> spankstanza,
16:10 < VBFH> there are other books linked to mythology mentioned that were used, maybe interesting for you
16:10 < spankstanza> what happened in world news at that time?
16:11 < spankstanza> thanks VBFH. i've looked through it. mostly interested in the crowley and gematria aspects. but i know people hwo might be familiar
16:12 < spankstanza> any other resources that i might have missed? i read mental floss, wikipedia, wikia, and some archived /b/ threads.
16:12 < mastershake> can someone explain what gematria is breifly?
16:13 < spankstanza>
16:14 < spankstanza> also, crowley wrote an entire book on it.
16:15 < spankstanza> more info on it:
16:16 < spankstanza> here is Crowley's Gematria:
16:16 -!- flejnmn [2e05028a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
16:17 < VBFH> but he's not using an english one?
16:17 < masso>
16:18 < spankstanza> no, crowley asked for an english language order and value to be discovered.  a few people have tried.  cicada presented a very different one than most, but it seems to make the most sense. the order is based on the order of the original english alphabet, and the primes... well, they're believed to my significant.
16:20 < spankstanza> oh also, the multiple choice options from the test? i know where they came from. Robert Anton Wilson wrote a book, where he listed those options
16:20 < spankstanza> not sure if that's new info or not
16:20 < VBFH> new for me, for sure
16:20 < VBFH> what book? I read a few
16:24 < spankstanza> from wikipedia: Robert Anton Wilson in The New Inquisition developed a non-Aristotelian system of classification in which propositions can be assigned one of 7 values: true, false, indeterminate, meaningless, self-referential, game rule, or strange loop. Wilson did not devise a formal system for manipulating propositions once classified, but suggested that we can clarify our thinking by not restricting ourselves to simplistic 
16:25 < spankstanza>
16:25 < VBFH> thanks, don't know that one
16:26 -!- pappkamerad [~pappkamer@2a02:810c:340:6:b934:75ac:a5f7:6daa] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
16:27 < NiceLurk> spankstanza: that is some valuable data you are telling us
16:28 < spankstanza> good! glad to help
16:28 < spankstanza> i wish i had heard about it back in the day
16:28 < spankstanza> just read about it on /x/ and somebody linked to this irc
16:29 < VBFH> you should stay in this IRC, this year may be be over, but next year will be another chance, I guess
16:29 < spankstanza> thanks! i will
16:29 < spankstanza> i won't be very useful with all the hacker stuff
16:29 < VBFH> knowing references is also important
16:32 -!- Akwa [47d35c38@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
16:36 < NiceLurk> spankstanza: so you are suggesting that cicada was trying to solve crowleys puzzle  with that Gematria Primus?
16:36 < spankstanza> the seem to reference it directly actually. look at the wording at the top of gematria primus image, and then read crowley's line from book of the law
16:37 < NiceLurk> yeah i know
16:37 < spankstanza> Book of the Law II:55 Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.
16:38 < NiceLurk> didnt know that crowley was also trying to make his own gematria
16:38 < spankstanza> but something about cicada tells me they're not following crowley
16:38 < spankstanza> i've studied crowley for years and they seem to be... i don't know... beyond crowley
16:38 < spankstanza> not in every way, but in their own way
16:38 < spankstanza> like more advanced and more technological.
16:38 < spankstanza> crowley was old school
16:39 < NiceLurk> in 2012 they used that lady of Lancelot, king arthur and agrippa
16:39 < spankstanza> cicada seems... like they learned crowley, plus a lot more, and then expanded on it themselves and made their own new thing
16:39 < spankstanza> i mean those questions...
16:39 < NiceLurk>
16:39 < spankstanza> they blew me away
16:39 < spankstanza> there's more wisdom in those questions, and some of their writings than i am used to seeing in the occult community
16:40 < NiceLurk>
16:40 < NiceLurk> yeah their philosophy seems solid, not made by only one neckbeard
16:41 < spankstanza> definitely. but it's like the have access to something.
16:41 < NiceLurk>  this was also used in 2012
16:41 < spankstanza> something hidden. maybe the same thing crowley had access to years ago
16:42 < NiceLurk> isnt there some internet puzzle about crowley still online?
16:43 < spankstanza> probably tons. but i've never seen any good ones.
16:44 < NiceLurk> one with black background and some letter  written with red...
16:44 < NiceLurk> ill try to find it
16:45 < spankstanza> also, here's a nice article on some of the occult symbolism of the cicada:
16:45 < spankstanza> some relevant quotes:  Cicada's are very big into teamwork, and they sing in unison for the benefit of the group rather than exultation of the individual.
16:46 < spankstanza> Some Keywords Associated With Symbolic Cicada Meaning  Change Metamorphosis Renewal Rebirth Past to Present Reincarnation Illumination Longevity Surprise Sensuality Libido Love Partnership Teamwork Self-Expression Patience Timing
16:47 < spankstanza> "They chose their own time to be born. That's powerful, don't you think?" She lifted her eyebrow at me as she said this, then tipped her rose tea to her lips for a sip.  Cicada's nestle themselves in the cool earth, almost as if in hibernation, feeding on the roots of trees until their internal body-clocks sound an alarm, resurrecting them from the earth. The symbolic implications of this were staggering to me. It spoke to me 
16:47 < mastershake> spankstanza: "< spankstanza> Some Keywords Associated With Symbolic Cicada Meaning  Change Metamorphosis Renewal Rebirth Past to Present Reincarnation Illumination  Longevity Surprise Sensuality Libido Love Partnership Teamwork Self-Expression Patience Timing
16:47 < spankstanza> Patience, Resurrection, and also a symbiotic partnership with the Mother [Earth] as well as a special union with trees (an aspect that's always intriguing, as trees are phenomenal wisdom-keepers).
16:48 < mastershake> ^ this is why they believe in Ubermensce
16:48 < spankstanza> makes sense!
16:49 < NiceLurk> Patience is a virtue
16:49 < spankstanza> Illumination, Patience (patience is a virtue), timing (same day each year?)
16:49 < spankstanza>
16:50 < spankstanza> oh shit!
16:50 < mastershake> if 3301 is not the NSA, then they must be in bed with them. Consider the power of the NSA's PRISIM program. PRISIM has accomplished something similar to ubermensce- the complete control and awareness of all information from all people in our entire planet.
16:50 < Trollstrich> Saw dat
16:50 < spankstanza> you said nothing from cicada since february?  what if cicada was Trayvon Martin?!
16:50 < mastershake> perhaps not "in bed" with the NSA, but they seem similar.
16:50 < mastershake> but cicadas arent conviceted drug dealers spankstanza
16:51 < spankstanza> oh yeah
16:51 < spankstanza> lol
16:51 < spankstanza> but ubermensch is about moving yourself forward as an individual.  cicada seems to be about helping select few do this as a group of individuals
16:53 < iII|afk> everything they've done so far has ended individual, not as a team, and they complained last year when people shared too much together
16:53 < iII|afk> so I wouldn't say that's on the right track
16:54 < spankstanza> but that's only the testing. obviously the ones that pass work together as a team
16:56 < spankstanza> sounds just like every other esoteric order. you have to prove yourself. pass tests. show your worth.  but once you're "in" then it is all about working together, not about exalting the individual.
16:57 < spankstanza> so, since i'm a newb, i've got to ask the questin. i'm sure everyone else has at somepoint, so don't be annoyed.
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16:57 < spankstanza> what if cicada really is the illuminati like i've heard in the forums and on /b/?
16:57 < spankstanza> or illuminati-like
16:58 < iII|afk> ask ten people, get ten answers on what that word means
16:59 < spankstanza> sure
16:59 < NiceLurk>, cant find that old puzzle... IIRC it had some conections with crowley
16:59 < iII|afk> so using it in that sort of question is meaningless
17:00 -!- Guest36511 is now known as SystemOrphaned
17:00 < iII|afk> ask directly, are you asking if we think they are malicious? Friends to man? secretly everywhere? a tiny group?
17:00 < spankstanza> ok.  i mean, what if cicada is the recruiting arm of part of some global conspiracy that has infiltrated governments, corporations, etc, and runs all the "back room deals" that make the world go around
17:01 < iII|afk> there's people associated that would like you to beleive that
17:01 < iII|afk> just wait until wind comes around to troll again
17:01 < spankstanza> ok, sure!  those are good ?s:  are they malicious? Friends to man? secretly everywhere? a tiny group?
17:01 < spankstanza> what does wind say?
17:01 < iII|afk> a bunch of uninformed nonsense to feel good
17:01 < iII|afk> but, along those lines
17:02 < spankstanza> lol
17:02 < iII|afk> fuck if I'm digging through chat logs for trolling
17:02 < spankstanza> no, it's fine. i'm just asking what you guys think.
17:02 < iII|afk> like what that word means
17:03 < iII|afk> I suspect everyone has a unique answer to what they think
17:03 < masso> ..........and everybody dreams of the 'Good Old Times'.........
17:03 < spankstanza> ok, iII... what do YOU think?
17:03 < iII|afk> I'm not interested in sharing that
17:03 -!- latent [] has left #33012013 ["Leaving"]
17:04 < spankstanza> sheesh
17:04 < spankstanza> i'm just trying to get a feel for what the people who know it best have to say about it
17:05 < spankstanza> i've been reading about it for like a day. some of you have been for years. i'd like to get a feel for what people really think is going on
17:05 < Trollstrich> About Cicada?
17:06 < VBFH> for me they seem to be hackers concerned with security and use the occult things just for the riddles
17:06 < iII|afk> great, so stick around. There's plenty of guys happy to talk about it
17:06 < spankstanza> yeah. like what they are. what they're after, etc
17:06 < VBFH> and for freedom
17:07 < VBFH> but of course maybe you have to wait in their hierarchie to get to the "real" information. I just can speak from the information available to me
17:07 < spankstanza> gotcha
17:07 < spankstanza> that's what i'm asking
17:08 < spankstanza> anybody else?
17:09 < spankstanza> so far i've heard everything from global conspiracy, to ARG, to revolutionaries, to a cult, to hackers, to the core group of anonymous...
17:09 < VBFH> well, alot of this "global" and "cult" thing comes from this warning, I guess
17:10 < spankstanza> global seems to come from the fact they put signs up all over the world on the same day (to me, at least)
17:10 < VBFH> well, ok
17:10 < VBFH> that's right
17:10 < spankstanza> but yeah, the cult part seems to come from the warning
17:22 < spankstanza> ok, i'm going to have to go soon.
17:27 < NiceLurk> 1373865077630.jpg
17:27 < NiceLurk> that pic... still not sure if that is legit os PS
17:29 -!- Akwa [47d35c38@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:29 < spankstanza> can you tell if it's shopped?
17:30 < spankstanza> any idea where it was taken?
17:31 < spankstanza> oh shit. from the thread the original pic filename was "Cicada_3301_Sticker_Iceland.jpg"
17:33 < NiceLurk> i havent seen that thread before... but there is somebody of us filling it with some real info
17:33 < NiceLurk>  who posted that?
17:33 < spankstanza> is that true?!
17:34 < NiceLurk> and that image... i saw it once before, a bit smaller resolution i think
17:34 < NiceLurk> spankstanza: yes it is true
17:34 < NiceLurk> everyone got different puctuation in email
17:34 < spankstanza> wow. i thought it was trolling
17:34 < mastershake> not me
17:34 < NiceLurk> for the reason of identifying leaks
17:34 < NiceLurk> nope not trolling it is true
17:35 < NiceLurk>
17:35 < NiceLurk> "3301 cicada, this has been modified from your orriginal text in order to remove your uber sekret 0hd4y identifications signature.  If you think it belongs to any particular applicant it does not; and you DO know what I mean. u mad?"
17:35 < VBFH> 1373891290865.jpg
17:35 < VBFH> ahahaha, I didn't see that one for a long time
17:35 < NiceLurk> author was reffering to that
17:36 < VBFH> someone posted it and said he found it in front of his door one morning
17:36 < spankstanza> but wait... did they actually find out who leaked it?
17:37 < Trollstrich> Who leaked what?
17:37 < Trollstrich> Oh that
17:37 < Trollstrich> I read on /x/ that they did but who knows
17:37 < mastershake> someone leaked the email they send to the winners
17:37 < Trollstrich> Ya then he supposed disappeared
17:38 < mastershake> do you think they kill people?
17:38 < Trollstrich> No...
17:38 < Trollstrich> Lol
17:38 < mastershake> i dont either
17:38 < Trollstrich> Why do you?
17:38 < spankstanza> wait, wtf?
17:38 < NiceLurk>  i have no idea, if it is photoshop is it done well, if it is real it is even more strange
17:38 < Trollstrich> O.o
17:38 < Trollstrich> I remember that
17:38 < Trollstrich> Also wind told us not to continue
17:38 < VBFH> you can print this stuff yourself
17:39 < NiceLurk> why would somebody print a sticker of ciacada, stick it to the bathroom and took picture ofit?
17:39 < VBFH> to troll
17:39 < Trollstrich> [2013-03-02 00:53:20] <Wind> I should warn you all, if I had the choice, I would not progress further into this.
17:40 < VBFH> what are the chances that someone solving the riddles and therefore knowing the 3301 stuff runs into a cicada sticker? and random in iceland?
17:41 < spankstanza> well Iceland is all over the news these days for hackerly ideas
17:42 < NiceLurk>  first time i saw that bathroom stall pic it was in smaller resolution, i think it was also on /x/
17:42 < Trollstrich> It was on /x/
17:42 < Trollstrich> I saw thread too
17:43 < NiceLurk> Sunday, June 02, 2013, 1:55:31 AM
17:44 < spankstanza> wow, nice
17:45 < NiceLurk> no exif, so not as casual pic as it seems
17:48 < spankstanza> how hard is it to remove exif?
17:49 < mastershake> not hard at all
17:50 < NiceLurk> not hard but most poeple who snap picture of doodle on the wall while taking a shit dont bother to remove exif before they post it online
17:50 -!- RikudoSennin1 [] has joined #33012013
17:51 < mastershake> lol nicelurk haha
17:51 -!- RikudoSennin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
17:52 < spankstanza> yeah makes sense
17:53 < spankstanza> imgur apparently removes exif:
17:54 < NiceLurk> yeah imgure removes it
17:54 < NiceLurk> 4chan does not
17:54 < NiceLurk> tinypic also does not
17:55 < NiceLurk> easiest way to remove exif is to resave image to png, and then back to jpg
17:56 < NiceLurk> png does not contain and  exif (usually)
17:58 < NiceLurk> also about imgur, they actually store the exif so if you post some illega shit they still have exif, it is removed only for the regular users, server still stores original
17:58 < spankstanza> nice
18:07 -!- flejnmn [2e05028a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:11 < NiceLurk> not nice since cops can get to that logs if they try hard probably
18:13 < Trollstrich> TJ, al.wav problems?
18:13 < VBFH> always classic: TJs IP and then unaffiliated
18:15 -!- GrazzaB [] has joined #33012013
18:32 < mastershake> 3301 invented bitcoin?
18:32 < mastershake> or are they just talking shit in the thread
18:33 < Trollstrich> Lel I doubt they did
18:33 < Trollstrich> Every1 knows 3301 is illuminati
18:33 < Trollstrich> R dey?
18:34 < Trollstrich> JK
18:34 < Trollstrich> 3301 is everything
18:48 -!- masso is now known as liki
18:48 -!- liki is now known as masso
18:55 < VBFH> that bitcoin thing just came up because of the japan connection this year
18:56 < iII|afk> also the factories
18:56 < VBFH> factories?
18:56 < iII|afk> I'd have to dive back in to the research to get all the details right
18:56 < iII|afk> but
18:57 < iII|afk> the name of the supposed bitcoin guy comes up in patent searches, for one patent through a company I don't remember which right now
18:58 < iII|afk> someone from, I think it was a german message board, mentioned that that company had factory or office within five minutes of every cicada drop
18:58 -!- mastershake [~root@gateway/tor-sasl/mastershake] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:58 < iII|afk> I verified 5 or so at the time, not all of them
18:58 < iII|afk> but he seemed to be fairly accurate, though it's most likely coincidental
18:58 < VBFH> hm, ok
18:58 < VBFH> but I doubt that they would be that careless
19:00 < spankstanza> maybe it's not careless?  maybe it's a clue?
19:01 < iII|afk> they spent a couple weeks looking in to it and had nothing beyond what I've just said to report
19:02 < iII|afk> so it's not impossible, but unlikely
19:02 < iII|afk> I suspect it's more that some of these giant car companies have shit everywhere
19:03 < VBFH> most of the spots were  near universities, right? I guess that's more likely
19:03 < iII|afk> some were
19:13 < spankstanza> ok, so I've heard they were near companies, military bases, and now universities.  how likely is anything to be near those things though? they're all all over.
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19:44 -!- VBFH [~VBFH@unaffiliated/vbfh] has left #33012013 []
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20:19 < newcandy> Any action?
20:31 -!- newcandy [5571b40e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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23:56 < NiceLurk> newcandy!
--- Day changed Tue Jul 16 2013
00:18 < NiceLurk>
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02:56 < mastershake> yo guys
02:56 < mastershake> anybody up?
02:58 -!- VBFH [~VBFH@unaffiliated/vbfh] has joined #33012013
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03:58 < NiceLurk> oi
04:03 -!- VBFH [~VBFH@unaffiliated/vbfh] has joined #33012013
04:12 -!- spankstanza [6346128a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
04:21 < spankstanza> ok, i got a programmer friend to help put this together, but here is the Gematria Primus word list i was talking about earlier. i saw that you guys use this infotomb thing instead of pastebin, so i put it there:
04:25 < VBFH> I noticed that "V" and "Q" are missing, any idea why?
04:25 < spankstanza> what?
04:26 < VBFH> in the gematria primus
04:27 < NiceLurk> i guess there is no V and Q in runes alphabet
04:27 < spankstanza> oh. i think it's because they didn't exist in anglo saxon runes
04:28 < spankstanza> so that means you'd probably have to re-spell some words. i know in old english, you would use U and V as the same letter.
04:28 < spankstanza> but Q?
04:28 < VBFH> ah, ok
04:28 < spankstanza> you'd probably use KU
04:28 < spankstanza> this word list does not take that into account
04:28 < spankstanza> although it does take U/V into account
04:28 < spankstanza> (that's standard with runes)
04:29 < spankstanza> it's something like 200K words
04:29 < NiceLurk> i am not sure where 3301 got its runic alphabeu but it looks like tha one, they added few letters though
04:30 < spankstanza> oh, just asked my friend, he said he made QU replace with KW because it made sense phonetically.
04:30 < spankstanza> and Q is replaced with K for the count
04:31 < spankstanza> no, it's the anglo saxon runes
04:31 < spankstanza> it was the first alphabet ever used with the english language
04:31 < spankstanza> that's what got me interested. i've seen english language gematria before, but never one that actually took things like that into account
04:32 < VBFH>
04:32 < NiceLurk> yeah
04:33 < spankstanza> Here's the exact same list:
04:34 < NiceLurk> wat langage is thta vbfh?
04:35 < NiceLurk> Flocc:Angelseaxisc Englaland ?
04:35 < VBFH> Old English/Anglo-Saxo
04:35 < VBFH> n
04:35 < NiceLurk>
04:36 < NiceLurk> lets all request 3301 article to get ranslated in anglo sayon
04:38 < NiceLurk> infotomb get redisign? nice
04:40 < VBFH> who made it again? Tech1?
04:42 < spankstanza> oh this is one of your sites?
04:42 < spankstanza> it fucked up when i uploaded the file actually
04:42 < spankstanza> said bad gateway or something
04:42 < spankstanza> but then it suddenly worked
04:45 < spankstanza> i like it though. nice work overall
04:47 < NiceLurk> scourager made infotomb i think, not sure if i remembered his nick right
04:47 < iII|afk> it was scrounger?
04:47 < iII|afk> I believe
04:47 < NiceLurk> or osmeone else on s?
04:48 < NiceLurk> there was a bug on site, i forgot what exect error message was though, but sometimes upload just didnt work
04:48 < NiceLurk> i like it, since anonpaste has been conficsated by feds, infotomb might be valuable in future
04:49 < NiceLurk> i am afraid feds will take down all the pages that has zerobin code
04:49 < spankstanza> that's what happened to me. uploaded, didn't work. then i just refreshed the page and worked.
04:49 < spankstanza> zerobin code?
04:51 < NiceLurk>
04:51 < NiceLurk> yeah first time it says bad gateway when you refresh it works
04:51 < NiceLurk> zerobin: and still work
04:53 < NiceLurk>  RIP
04:54 -!- RikudoSennin [] has joined #33012013
04:54 < NiceLurk> thats how it looked :-(
04:55 < NiceLurk> no logging is double edge sword...
04:56 < NiceLurk> it is to easy to upload some illegal shit from FBI office to the page , then send link to the judge demanding seizure of the site
04:56 < NiceLurk> since there is no logging admin cant prove that illegal shit has been planted
05:02 < spankstanza> couldn't they just upload from starbucks free wifi if they did have logging?
05:03 < NiceLurk> yeah also
05:03 < NiceLurk> not hard to get  page that allows user substitution removed...
05:03 < NiceLurk> hmm i wonder
05:04 < NiceLurk> since they arrested so many dangerous teenagers terrorists becasue they posted hatefull comments on facebook, why dont they demand facebook to shut down
05:04 < NiceLurk> afterall so many of them terrorists are using that site
05:32 -!- spankstanza [6346128a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

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