This is copy paste of  "how do i create my PGP key" article, but with more links about PGP and RSA, for those who want to understand it better.

It is not pretty but links in it can be good start for those who want to understand how  this things work.

Any effort to put this article in nicer form is greatly appreciated.

For more detailed questions best place to ask is #crypto channel on freenode. Those guys there really know alot about modern cryptography

Or #cicadasolvers will also help you

Check also articles: PGP TUTORIAL and Verifying PGP signatures


David Perry (NSA employee) The Enigma Code lecture from University of California, Davis, It is very good introduction to encryption and histroic ciphers. Good start if you like cryptography and you want to know more.

Online cryptography class Dan Boneh Stanford University  free online course, i think you need to create user acount to be bale to see it.

Cryptography I (finished)

Cryptography II (feb 2014)

Good page with explanations and online scripts of most older ciphers:

Newer hashes and ciphers:

Enigma and some other military crpyto machines simulators


Wikipedia articles:

I am lazy fuck, tell me how this PGP magic works!

Simple explanation

Gambling with Secrets: Part 2/8 (Prime Factorization)

Gambling with Secrets: 8/8 (RSA Encryption)

Numberphile youtube channel videos (so easy even kids like them):

Encryption and HUGE numbers - Numberphile (very nicely explained what is the math behing the RSA encryption and decryption)

How did the NSA hack our emails? part 1 part 2

Cicada 17 (video explaining why cicadas use prime number of years in their life cycle) (more about cicadas: here)

RSA Calculators (how math behind key creation and encrpytion works in practice)

Simple math example of RSA:

p=7 q=11 for   e1 public key=13    e2 private key=37
totient(n)= (7-1)*(11-1) =60
this must be 1: 13 mod 60 x 37 mod 60 = 481 mod 60 = 1
example: clear text message = 2  encrypted message = 30
encryption: e1 2^13  = 8192                     8192 mod 77 = 30
decryption: e2 30^37 = 4.5028391e+54   4.5028391e+54 mod 77 = 2

Some link pointing out possible vulnerabilities and inconveniences:

You cant trust the key based on metadata, or even short and long key fingerprint, they can also be faked:

So always check full length fingerprint (160 bit or 40 hex characters) which you need to get from owner himself!!!

Efforts on braking the keys:

More links about PGP, GPG, RSA

Script showing math behind public and personal keys are generated.

Java online script to encode and decode RSA

not terrible online java factorization (Factorization using the Elliptic Curve Method)

FactHacks RSA security and prime factorization[29c3]

30c3: The Year in Crypto

2012 3301 final RSA puzzle:

Perl scrip that solves 2012 RSA puzzle: (p and q values in it are factors from Triangle puzzle.)





make sure ot save your private key and  to remember (write down) the passphrase, if you loose that there is no recovery, and you wont be able to decrypt emails you will get from cicada

How is RSA part of PGP:

Windows users: OS X Users:

PGP servers:



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