[04:25] <mlehmk>
[04:25] <mlehmk> actually two tools
[04:25] <mlehmk> you also need the GNU-FreeFont named FreeMono installed
[04:26] <Lurker69> ok
[04:27] <Lurker69> ill upload that to some more trustwothy link
[04:27] <Lurker69> dropbox links tend to die soonish
[04:27] <mlehmk> naw
[04:27] <mlehmk> don't publish yet
[04:27] <mlehmk> they aren't finished
[04:28] <Lurker69> i have been involved in many args... all dropbox links aolder than 1 year are ded
[04:28] <Lurker69> oh not finished
[04:28] <Lurker69> you made that?
[04:28] <mlehmk> I made those
[04:28] <Lurker69> i htought you found it somewhere
[04:28] <mlehmk> you can use ILSpy to decrypt
[04:28] <mlehmk> decompile, I mean
[04:28] <mlehmk> I gonna compile that together with sources for later
[04:28] <mlehmk> most probably after Cicada ended


mlehmg Rune tool, beta

Link to other tools:

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