[09:42] <NiceLurk> i dumped that logs in
[09:42] <NiceLurk> will edit it later then
[09:43] <soulseekah> you didn't dump everything
[09:43] <teefs> u dump hex > bin twice to get it NiceLurk
[09:43] -*- NiceLurk is not realy reading what he is posting, he just copypastes posts from ppl he trusts
[09:43] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: 13:55 <soulseekah> converting this data to binary again
[09:43] <soulseekah> that's the most important step
[09:43] <soulseekah> otherwise people will not understand
[09:44] <soulseekah> you have do convert the oob data to binary
[09:44] <iIIustrious> it should make sense with the screenshot he added, no?
[09:45] <NiceLurk> so:
[09:45] <NiceLurk> to get :
[09:45] <NiceLurk> 272 138 341 131 151
[09:45] <NiceLurk> 366 199 130 320 18
[09:45] <NiceLurk> 226 245 91 245 226
[09:45] <NiceLurk> 18 320 130 199 366
[09:45] <NiceLurk> 151 131 341 138
[09:45] <soulseekah> well it's better to mention that that oob data is hexencoded
[09:45] <counterhash> I compiled Liber Primus (what we have so far) as a pdf, processing now:
[09:45] <TaiiwoBot> ^ InfoTomb ^
[09:45] <NiceLurk> you had to do hex ->bin
[09:45] <soulseekah> counterhash: thanks!
[09:45] <soulseekah> yes
[09:45] <soulseekah> counterhash: looks sweet
[09:46] -*- soulseekah still thinks RSA
[09:46] <NiceLurk> but most of this numbers are on jpg
[09:46] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: yes
[09:46] <counterhash> soulseekah: I will work on a translated version after my dinner
[09:46] <NiceLurk> arent one missing just counted runes?
[09:46] <soulseekah> I don't know
[09:46] <soulseekah> we didn't check
[09:46] <NiceLurk> i mean
[09:46] <teefs> i think runes in there count to ones in matrix
[09:46] <iIIustrious> the other channel tried it
[09:46] <iIIustrious> it works
[09:46] <soulseekah> okay
[09:46] <NiceLurk> how did you calculate all this numbers, and how do you know they are correct?
[09:46] <soulseekah> good to know
[09:47] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: you just pasted them
[09:47] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: the oob matrix matches the matrix on the image
[09:47] <NiceLurk> so you can count runes or do your hex>bin magic and you ge t same 5*5 table?
[09:48] <soulseekah> Yes
[09:48] <NiceLurk> ok
[09:48] <soulseekah> Pretty much yes
[09:48] <teefs> we prob need to work backward now
[09:48] <soulseekah> Although what you don't get is the words
[09:48] <soulseekah> in the oob data
[09:48] <NiceLurk> and oob table is form bytes between pictures on cerver status?
[09:48] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: yes
[09:48] <NiceLurk> ok now i start to see
[09:48] <NiceLurk> but....
[09:49] <NiceLurk> we stil dont have TEXT solution for botom paragraph , right?
[09:49] <soulseekah> NiceLurk: it's just words
[09:49] <soulseekah> not sentences
[09:49] <NiceLurk> ok
[09:49] <soulseekah> I think all the words are given
[09:49] <soulseekah> since it's a mirrored matrix
[09:49] <soulseekah> or whatever it's called
[09:49] <NiceLurk> so final solution is 5*5 3 digit decimal numbers
[09:50] <teefs> i think that is hint for matrix though?
[09:50] <soulseekah> althou hmm
[09:50] <teefs> we got to get corners etc
[09:50] <soulseekah> We don't know 18
[09:50] <iIIustrious> there's overlap as well it looks lik
[09:50] <iIIustrious> e
[09:50] <soulseekah> and the corners


<Surtri> In the image of hex

<soulseekah> it's just the same payload reversed btw
<soulseekah> dd if=fv7lyucmeozzd5j4.onion.1.jpg bs=1 skip=$((0x00521df)) count=364
<soulseekah> to extract

<TaiiwoBot> ^ dpaste: #1543389 ^
<Surtri> Holy caw

[08:17] <nykos> hex hidden between the two images
[08:17] <nykos>

[08:16] <nykos> the original text
[08:16] <nykos>

[08:16] <nykos>
[08:16] <nykos> the bottom half translations

[08:30] <soulseekah> Testout.jpg
[08:30] <TaiiwoBot> ^ ^
[08:30] <soulseekah> teefs: I think I posted?
[08:30] <soulseekah> 13:12 < soulseekah> 510 !310 !430 (310 "72720 (310 !430 !310 !51:630 )910 310 230 (1:220 %420 !90 %420 &2210 230 310 )910 &63
[08:30] <soulseekah> these?
[08:30] <soulseekah> probably not right
[08:30] <teefs> oh yes ur rite
[08:30] <teefs> was u
[08:31] <counterhash> How is he right teefsd
[08:31] <teefs> about him postin
[08:31] <soulseekah> okay let's say it's gematria
[08:31] <counterhash> It seems that this current clue is just about Liber Primus
[08:31] <soulseekah> then 272
[08:32] <soulseekah> some letters add up to that
[08:32] <soulseekah> this is the coin/change problem
[08:32] <soulseekah> classic
[08:32] <counterhash> I'll work something out
[08:32] <soulseekah>
[08:32] <soulseekah> You can check source here
[08:32] <soulseekah> for mappings
[08:32] <teefs> u think search thru counts?
[08:33] <soulseekah> view-source
[08:33] <soulseekah> and see lookup table
[08:33] <teefs> i got a count prog
[08:34] <counterhash> soulseekah: Is this count updated for the new Gematria (with the reversal)?
[08:34] <teefs> what was reversal?
[08:34] <soulseekah> not sure it's old
[08:34] <soulseekah> no idea about reversals
[08:34] <counterhash> Where you flip the gematria table
[08:34] <soulseekah> oh no
[08:34] <soulseekah> no it's not
[08:34] <counterhash> Okay then it won't be updated
[08:34] <counterhash> I'll work on what I have
[08:34] <soulseekah> k
[08:34] <soulseekah> Let's think what else
[08:35] <soulseekah> there are a lot of matrix-based encryption schemes
[08:35] <Lurker69> soulseekah:
[08:35] <Lurker69> whil i try to upload
[08:35] <teefs> my count
[08:35] <TaiiwoBot> ^ infotomb ^
[08:35] <Lurker69> on wiki i get file identification erroer?
[08:35] <soulseekah>
[08:35] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Hill cipher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ^
[08:35] <Lurker69> does it mean there is some oteh r shit in jpg?
[08:36] <soulseekah> wow
[08:36] <soulseekah>
[08:36] <Lurker69> or can i just resave it and upload!
[08:36] <soulseekah> but this is a 5x5 as well
[08:36] <teefs> counterhash: order of eval of symbol matter lot last yr do u got link to flipped gematria?
[08:36] <teefs> i can mod it
[08:36] <soulseekah> it's the same one
[08:36] <soulseekah> wo
[08:36] <counterhash> Runes-warning.jpg
[08:36] <TaiiwoBot> ^ ^
[08:36] <soulseekah> Guys guys
[08:36] <counterhash> It seems to be a Hill CIpher
[08:36] <soulseekah> this is on the page
[08:36] <counterhash> go on soul
[08:36] <teefs> hill cipher hmm
[08:36] <Lurker69> fuck it i am just gonna dump logs

<soulseekah> about the 5x5 matrix we found in #3301solvers
<Lurker69> havent heard of matix at all
<soulseekah> pw38g.png
<soulseekah> Seen this?
<soulseekah> I made that
<soulseekah> basically it allowed for the discover of some out of band data
<soulseekah> between the two images from the /server-status onion
<soulseekah> jpeg
<soulseekah> Onion_3_v3.jpg
<soulseekah> this is actualy 2 images
<soulseekah> i.e. if you reverse the file you get the same image
<soulseekah> byte for byte
<soulseekah> However, if you diff the two, you'll find out of band data that's between the images
<soulseekah> converting this data to binary again
<soulseekah> will yield a nice clean matrix
<soulseekah> which matches the matrix at the bottom here: Onion_3_v3.jpg

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