Happening during 2012 puzzle solvingEdit

During 2012 3301 puzzle solvers were divided in different groups, IRC channels on two different networks (n0v4 and rizon#smart_people), few forums (hacksforum, ...)
Few secret groups were formed. Some articles mention those secret groups.

  • (there was one secret wiki that demanded useraccounts and was later taken down, i lost the link if anyone has it post it)

WIND and Mahisha(mahi)Edit

Wind (individual with Michigan IP) was a self-prolcaimed female (check Rule 16 or 30 and 31 in old version of rules) that often visited n0v4 IRC channel and provided clues to people that were never 100% proven to be connected to the 3301 quest, but also were never disproven. Clues were kinda helpful but never so specific that they might be tied to some part of puzzle that was revelaed later.

Because of her prophet like teachings lots of her statements became memes among 3301 solvers.

<wind> The folly is the key to our manifest.
<wind_> I can come as a hurricane as well, remember that.
<wind_> And as I may be the gentle breeze that comforts you, I may also be the last breath you take.
<wind_> I would go back to the very beginning, I would write down EVERY single thing that seems even slightly relevant to being a clue, or progression, I would write down every step, and what you had to do. I would see if there was any other way, I would do this for every step, and lead. I would re-check every image for various hidden elements, and I would compile the data neatly, and organize it.
<wind_> Then I would search through it, find matching terms, sites, posts etc. and see if they help any riddle so far.
<wind_> Every clue has multiple dead ends.
<wind_>  /b/ spreads news the fastest.
[01:44] <shadzke> wind, we were warned of "false prophets" are you a false prophet ?
[01:44] <wind_> Yes, I am.
[01:44] <wind_> Every clue was released by a false prophet.
[01:45] <wind_> You should be cautious.

Wind from Michigan never used any PGP key and she claims she is not computer savvy at all. Her field is supposed to be psychology. She claims she was recruited to 3301 few years ago with a completely different test than the 3301 puzzle.

Note that Wind has an antagonist who provided bad clues and was leading people on wrong paths. He went by the name "Mahisha" sometimes referred  as "mahi". Mahisha shared the same IP as wind.

Some of logs with winds posts in them:



FAKE WIND form 2012Edit


Help.jpg containing outguessed message from fake wind (using MUTE handler this time)

One of secret groups introduced character we call "fake wind". They used winds nick to send some players on their sidequests, crating fake 3301 onion page and later even i2p page.

All references to Neurmancer by William Gibson, Keanu Reeves, Wile E. Coyote came from fake pages. 3301 never mentioned those themes.

(Agrippa (a book of the dead) by William Gibson was used in legit 3301 message)

Here are some pictures from those fake pages:

Outguessed contet from HELP.jpg  (message is fake, nothing to do with 3301!):

Hash: SHA1

Here's your last chance:
How many roads must a man walk down, before I will call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail, before she drowns in the sand?
How many times must the old lies fly, before they are forever banned?
The answer, my friends...

[Some of you submitted an email address. You have received a key, and you 
knew where to find the lock. But do not feel proud; all doors lead to one 
room, and this task was easiest of all.]

13 to everyone.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Confession of "fake wind":Edit

Link with clickable links to memes:

That "wind confession pastebin" i posted is from fake wind. He made and used his own PGP key that has nothing to do wth 3301, but it mentions 3301 in description.

pub  2048R/D0E8A26C 2012-01-12 Wind 3301 (tscgyfy2m36cs4ec)

Wind from Michigan never used any PGP key.

Real 3301 PGP keyEdit

Real cicada PGP key is this

pub  4096R/7A35090F 2012-01-05           
uid Cicada 3301 (845145127)
sig  sig3  7A35090F 2012-01-05 __________ __________ [selfsig]

Note searching for cicadas key you can also find fake cicada key:
pub 4096R/26AB20B7 2012-01-05 Cicada 3301 (845145127) <---fake

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