This is info on fake BCC news page puzzles and puzzles.

Here are few links documenting cicada 3301 impersonator puzzle from 2015

We believe that authors of this puzzle are same people as authors of so called puzzle from 2016.

None of those puzzles are documented on this wikia page, since general consensus is that both were impersonator puzzles. (they never produced single verifiable PGP signed message).

This are best sources of both fake puzzles (in german use 2016

Best source of puzzles is, most of it happened on 4chan/x/

We believe that creators of this puzzle are associated with few youtube accounts and are active in main CICADA3301z fecebook group.

Sophia Musik:


Mojave desert / / Defango 2017

In Jan 2017 they (probably same group as previous years) started with another puzzle.

Here is some information how it started: webpage was used to post music, videos and jpgs.

At some point solvers of this puzzle were also solving another ARG called Tengri 137

Then they brought up same spear that was found in 2016.

Backup of now deleted video from Z 3301 channel, The Pilgrimage Continues :

For further developement check Defango And Outer Dark channels on youtube:

All details about spear of destiny from 2016:

2015 Pages

In one of the fake BBC News articles it talks about cicada maybe being an historian, both and domains are registered to 'Michael Jones'. There is also a historian called Michael Jones, not sure whether that has any relevance or not.


Liber Concordia (Book of Harmony)

  • mentioned on all but the last page
  • on page 1
    • "Egyptian book of Harmony, rumored to have been the basis of many of Pythagoras’s music and mathematical musings."
  • on page 2
    • "Obelisk at Heliopolis. Could an ancient book be buried there?"
  • on page 3
    • " “Book of Harmony” long associated with the city of Heliopolis "


  • mentioned on all but the last page

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