In 2013's puzzle, a very interesting discovery was made, and for the most part fairly overlooked. That discovery was the Gematria Primus, a table which can be used to convert letters into numbers. These, when added together, equal other numbers, some of which have proven to be very interesting so far throughout the puzzles. 

The best way to work these out right now is not the Gematria table, but instead a very handy script written by soulseekah. It can be found here.

Interesting combinations

There are quite a few very very interesting inputs for this program which give some very interesting outputs. These are detailed below.

From the infamous warning:

much like a think tank in that [their] primary focus is on researching and developing techniques to aid the ideas [they] advocate: liberty, privacy, and security.

Equals 5417. This is a prime number.

can not be mentioned

Equals 811. This is also a prime number.

From the MP3:

​The Instar Emergence

Equals 761. 761 is the name of the MP3, and also 167 is the MP3's length in seconds. Both are prime.

Many others probably exist, but we have not properly configured a database for this gematria. For more information on gematria and the more occult side of this, check out the geamtria crowley theory Spankestanza geamtria crowley theory