Movies Inspired by Cicada 3301

The Internet's Darkest Secret? Cicada 3301 (Short Film on Youtube)

Music Inspired by Cicada 3301

Poem Inspired by cicad hunt:

Some DJs:

  • One guy ( i forgot his IRC nick) posted soundlcoud song

  • And this one found on 29th Jan 2014:
    • The Peoples Republic of Europe

  • Lfb Cicada 3301 Tribal Dub

  • Cicadas By: Osho
  • (i am not sure where we found connection to 3301, I see only cicada mentioned at this one, we fuond him in novmeber 2013 though)

  • [17:33] <masso> 14:54 < FLEET>

Girls are even getting Cicada 3301-inspired tattoos

1vgnz.jpg 0v6hi.jpg


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