In 2012 this article popped up:

A translated version follows:

LOS ANDES. - The Economic Crimes Squad PDI Los Andes warned the community, particularly users of Internet banking on a new type of scam that is operated under the well-known search engine google.

The head of that unit, Commissioner Marcelo Martinez (See enlarged photo) said a few weeks ago the Metropolitan Bridec managed to establish the modus operandi of this gang of hacker under the name Cicada 3301.

The officer explained that to carry out these scams, hackers created false organization banks websites and then hired the services on google so that when a customer of the financial institution would like to access it by this search engine, appeared this fake page generated by a virus and thus the person began to operate it naively given passwords.

After obtaining the data, cyber criminals entering the real user accounts and money transfers made.

The Deputy Commissioner said Martinez product of this diligence was arrested in Santiago Enzo Alexander FC alias "Necrome" who was one of the members of this band, who also has previous convictions for two counts of fraud.

He said that the links of this band nationwide are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Cybercrime, "but the fact is that there are operating a band and the idea is to warn internet users of the area to be careful when entering the pages of their banks through the google search ".

The officer said that if a person is a victim of this scam the first thing to do is put a formal complaint in the bank to see if it is silent on the return of the money, "but there is for injury to come to any of the closest units to the PDI to file the complaint. "

3301's Response

3301 responded with the following statement:

Hash: SHA1
Some news organisations have recently claimed that "Cicada 3301" is
tied to the illegal activities of an individual going by "Necrome".
This is not true.
We do not engage in illegal activities.  We are not associated
with this individual.
Anyone involved in illegal activities would be cut off from our
fellowship immediately.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)

This is also the first time that 3301 referred to the group in any sense. This one was 'fellowship'.


Other debunkings

On top of 3301 claiming not to be Necrome, this article was written only once, sourced or referenced nowhere else, and also never mentioned by any backed-up English source or official police source.

It can therefore be concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Necrome is definitely not affiliated with 3301/Cicada.


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