What is 30c3 you say?

Let the Chorus be your guide to the depths :

The world's oldest and largest global hacker organizations The Chaos Computer Club (CCC)  conference, the 30th Chaos Communication Congress.

30C3 is the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, brought to us by the Chaos Computer Club. The conference and all of its hands-on events run from December 27th to 30th, 2013 at the CCH Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany.

The conference program boasts over 130 talks from a diverse range of the world's top hackers in five tracks: Hardware and Making, Art and Beauty, Science and Engineering, Security, Safety and Politics, and Ethics and Society.

30C3 is a noncommercial event with a low entrance fee, and is made possible thanks to an army of CCC volunteers (even ones that hack Apple's Touch ID). According to CCC, 30C3's internet connectivity will be a record-breaking 100GB link made possible by donations from ISPs and network equipment vendors.


Quote from one talk:

"we need to make security software that is so easy to use that journalist can use it"

Live Streams:


CCC youtube (check 30c3 and also videos from 28c3, 29c3):

Albert Veli channel with lots of 30c3 videos:

Good Videos related to cicada:

FactHacks RSA security and prime factorization[29c3]

30c3: The Year in Crypto

Good videos everybody could and should watch:

 30c3 keynote with Glenn Greenwald [30c3] - YouTube

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30c3: Through a PRISM, Darkly - Everything we know about NSA spying [30c3] Attorney of Electronic Frontier Fuondation

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