We dont stalk people in IRC. We dont publis nicks in wikia. (Thats why we dont credit ppl who found solutions, if you want to be creddited msg me or put creddits in for yourslef) We RESPECT PIRVACY

ONLY USER we are stalking is "wind" for obvious resons explain in 3 articles about her.

Also she gave us permision to post her posts in wikia:

[20:30] <Wind> You can collectively choose what to keep of mine or throw, I won't correct any misattributions or provide further explanation that what is necessary.


[12:12] <wind_> I would go back to the very beginning, I would write down EVERY single thing that seems even slightly relevant to being a clue, or progression, I would write down every step, and what you had to do. I would see if there was any other way, I would do this for every step, and lead. I would re-check every image for various hidden elements, and I would compile the data neatly, and organize it. Wind and Mr. Ug by Vihart

Talking to wind is like walking on Möbius strip.

16.1.2014 WInd was in #33012014 and later in #cicadasolvers

Winds logs from 16-JAn_2014 part 2

Winds logs from 16_jan_2014

There was some trickery with timezones, so half people belive now that she is in Pearh AU.

Well done, wind well done; thats why we like you. Always succeed at fooling those that want to be fooled.


(this needs to be checked in spiers logs, IP of her was legit, timestamp in my log is GMT+1

[08:16] * Starting query with Wind
[08:16] <Lurker69> hi
[08:16] <Lurker69> got to congrat you
[08:16] <Wind> Hello.
[08:16] <Lurker69> you were only one of oldfags who predicted that 3301 will return
[08:17] <Wind> I don't predict.
[08:17] <Lurker69> everybody else though media shitstorm would cause  it to hide
[08:18] <Wind> Cicadas don't hide from noise.
[08:18] <Lurker69> ok i gues they dont
[08:19] <Lurker69> Cicadas were originally humans who, in ancient times, allowed the first Muses to enchant them into singing and dancing so long that they stopped eating and sleeping and actually died without noticing it.
[08:19] <Lurker69> anyways
[08:19] <Lurker69> lest time you said they might be some fake puzzles
[08:20] <Wind> There are always fake puzzles.
[08:20] <Lurker69> here are badly edited articles with them
[08:20] <Lurker69>
[08:20] <Lurker69>
[08:20] <Lurker69> like alot of them
[08:20] <Lurker69> but, some were good
[08:20] <Lurker69> and some amazing
[08:21] <Lurker69> look at this
[08:21] <Lurker69>
[08:21] <Lurker69> list of people who signed cicadas PGP key
[08:21] <Lurker69> we taught like 100 people how to create and use PGP key
[08:22] <Lurker69> i almost feel proud
[08:22] <Lurker69>    related
[08:22] <Lurker69>    two good quotes from 30c3
[08:23] <Lurker69> anyway enjoy i am going back to wiki
[00:00] - {Day changed to Wednesday, January 08, 2014}

IMPORTANT! ON JAN 1st there was one PM with wind we kept secret

Reason to keep that secret until now (jan 6th 2014) is that since we dont know if wind is affiliated with cicada 3301 or not, we didnt want to give up any falce hopes about emegence of cicada puzzle in 2014.

[14:47] <Surtri> Can I ask you something, just to prove who you say you are?
[14:47] <Wind> I suppose so.
[14:47] <Surtri> How do you get contacted by 3301?
[14:47] <Surtri> What means?
[14:48] <Surtri> And which area are you helping 3301 in?
[14:48] <Wind> You can get contacted in a variety of ways, the most common now being telephone, ironic. I work to monitor the IRC channels for information and progression.
[14:48] <Surtri> You d
[14:52] <Wind> When you repeat information over and over it becomes banal.
[14:50] <Wind> I've had several other positions in the past, yes, but I don't wish to talk about them anymore. 3301 works in many different fashions, contacting new recruits can be done a variety of ways, they recruit in the arts, literature, music, et cetera. The most renowned way was their internet recruitment post.
[14:07] <Surtri> You have news for us? [14:07] <Wind> Yes.
[14:18] <Surtri> What's the news?
[14:18] <Surtri> I'm excited to hear it
[14:18] <Surtri> It's been dead in here, except for the new people
[14:18] <Wind> In time.

(for full log of PM ask Surtri)

January 1st  and 2nd 2014

Timezone: GMT+1

[20:02] --> Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #33012013
[20:05] <masso> hue, the ce5 wind is here
[20:05] <masso> the 'original' ce5 wind
[20:05] <Surtri> O.o wind
[20:06] <Wind> Hello.
[20:07] <masso> this is my recording for the ce5 wind
[20:07] <masso> Wind (602aa30a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[20:07] <Surtri> Confirmed for wind
[20:09] <masso> Wind: I guess you've come here to explain the pic you posted in wikia, right?
[20:10] <Wind> No.
[20:13] <lurker_drunk> ohai wind
[20:21] <masso> the pic wind posted on the wikia
[20:27] <Lurker69> masso: wasnt Ouroboros posted by wind?  if it wasnt i need to fix that in wiki
[20:28] <Lurker69> i would prefer not to mention wind there if she wasnt involved
[20:29] <Lurker69> actually wind: if you want we can remove all articles mentioning you in wiki
[20:30] <Wind> You can collectively choose what to keep of mine or throw, I won't correct any misattributions or provide further explanation that what is necessary.
[20:31] <masso> wiki wind = ip she used in here to post ce5
[20:31] <masso> today wind ip is another she used like 6months ago
[20:31] <Lurker69> Wind: i was just asking, in mannor of respecting privacy, if you say you dont want anything publishe we can remove it
[20:32] <Wind> I'm not a fan of censorship, any information regarding me is public information as far as I am concerned.
[20:34] <masso> todays IP was also used to post the link to 77days. Thanks for that, wind.not.
[20:34] <Lurker69> yeah wind is one of us just like anybody else in channel, so i think we should treat her the same
[21:30] <-- Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[22:17] <Surtri> crash you missed wind
[22:17] <L0j1k> wind's tcp/64006 is open
[23:02] <eschatus> I wonder if Wind dropped by because we made progress with the Ouroboros or just to check who's here since we're getting close to the 4th...
[23:03] <rr645> 39.99 gets you updates from Wind, but nothing related to Cicada

[03:43] --> Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #33012013
[03:44] <Surtri> Hey Wind
[03:44] <Wind> Hello.
[03:45] <tjkek> sup windy
[03:45] <grazzab> is there gonna be a 2014 wind?
[03:46] <Wind> Well we're already in 2014, so yes, there will be a 2014.
[03:47] <iIIustrious> >expecting wind to know something
[03:53] <Charlatan> wind can you tell me lottery numbers
[03:59] <L0j1k> Wind
[03:59] <Wind> Yes?
[04:00] <L0j1k> Wind tell me something interesting, please?
[04:02] <L0j1k> Wind, I'm being serious. Is there anything interesting you can tell me?
[04:03] <Wind> In terms of what?
[04:10] <L0j1k> Wind?
[04:22] <soulseekah> ...Wind?
[04:24] <-- Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)

November 28

[04:46]    -->|    Wind (602aa584@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #33012013 Michigan (MI)

October 1st

widn is visiting us almost daily:

ROUND 3 VIsit on Sun Sep 22 2013

NEW VISIT BY WIND: Few days ago wind was in channel again, IP matched:

Wind hinted that arg 77days and 3301 could be connected. But they probabyl are NOT.

At same time there was /x/ trhead suggestign same thing. We dont know if tha thread was made by wind or did wind saw it and decide to stop in our channel.

15:38 -!- Wind [18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
15:38 < Wind> Hello.
15:45 < Wind> Why are you all still here?

More in logs:

Basicly wind quoted few things from 77days. Mentioned as part of sequrity question. IP was from Traverse City as usual.

She mildly trolled us with quotes like:

15:45 < Wind> Why are you all still here?
15:58 < Wind> A lot has happened since my last visit.

20:24 < borken> (6:05:35 PM) Wind: Everything comes to an end.
20:24 < borken> (6:05:39 PM) Wind: -------------

16:13 < Wind> Change.
16:15 < Wind> -------------
21:14 < Wind_> ce5.
21:15 < Wind_> -------------
20:50 < NiceLurk> >Cicada 3301, a secret society
20:52 < Wind_> A society of 10 is hardly a society at all.
20:54 < masso> why only 10?
20:56 < Wind_> Only 10 exist.
20:24 < Wind_> What is the difference between a tree and a ball of twine?
20:25 < asqw> what is the difference between Wind and Cicada 3301?
20:26 < Wind_> Wind whispers to all.
14:05 < Wind> Do things left alone and clues never found change over time, or are they simply as static as ends never tied?

At same time she was logged in channel ##77days usign nick Alice__

18:15 < hitsujiTMO> /whowas wind
18:15 < NiceLurk> [00:15]	===	Wind 18f7814e gateway/web/freenode/ip. * -
18:16 < NiceLurk>  /whowas alice__
18:16 < NiceLurk> [00:16]	===	Alice__ 18f7814e gateway/web/freenode/ip. * -

Few posts related to wind:

20:24 < borken> (6:05:35 PM) Wind: Everything comes to an end.
20:24 < borken> (6:05:39 PM) Wind: -------------
20:11 < thearrowflies_> wind was a troll, right?
20:15 < borken> dunno
20:15 < borken> she talks quite a bit like the talk i had 2 years ago with her
20:16 < borken> but I did get this out of her.
20:16 < borken> (5:38:51 PM) borken: So are you on shift, or are you here of your own volition and interest, independant of direction from above?
20:16 < borken> (5:39:35 PM) Wind: I am here on my own agenda.
20:16 < borken> is that pasting html still?
20:17 < thearrowflies_> no
20:17 < thearrowflies_> the wiki said she was a troll
20:17 -!- thearrowflies_ is now known as thearrowflies
20:18 < borken> Doesn't matter what the wiki says.
20:18 < borken> The wiki is full of disinformation to throw followers off the trail.
20:19 < thearrowflies> ah
20:19 < borken> Be your own determining factor.
20:19 < borken> "3301 seeks self motivated people"
20:20 < thearrowflies> what exactly, or as exact as you can get, is 3301?
20:20 < borken> Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.
20:21 < borken> That is the sum of 3301.
20:21 < thearrowflies> I have this thought that its just recruiting for something rather lackluster
20:21 < thearrowflies> If it was anything major, I don't think they'd be recruiting so publicly
20:24 < borken> (6:05:35 PM) Wind: Everything comes to an end.
20:24 < borken> (6:05:39 PM) Wind: -------------

Some older Winds IPs:

[23:32] ->> wind is (n0v4 qWebIRC)

[04:20] <Anon7> wind, what's it like in Michigan?
[04:20] <wind> No, we aren't.
[04:20] <Anon7> You are.
[04:20] <wind> I'm not in Michigan, it's a fake IP.

18:03 < NiceLurk> [03:42] == wind []
18:03 < NiceLurk> Wind (602aa30a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:03 < NiceLurk> this are winds previous IPs

Round 1 2013-03-02

[2013-03-02 00:29:57] -->| Wind (602aa30a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.XXXXXXX (Michigan IP) has joined #33012013
[2013-03-02 00:30:05] <Wind> Hello again.
[2013-03-02 00:30:42] <zebra> Well then
[2013-03-02 00:30:52] <zebra> Wind from last year?
[2013-03-02 00:30:58] <Wind> Yes, it is.
[2013-03-02 00:31:08] <Wind> This time however, I am a mere observer.
[2013-03-02 00:31:15] <zebra> I see
[2013-03-02 00:31:26] <zebra> Why only now though?
[2013-03-02 00:31:29] <zebra> Why not earlier?
[2013-03-02 00:31:29] <VBFH> instead of an obvious troll
[2013-03-02 00:31:34] <zebra> lol
[2013-03-02 00:31:53] <Wind> I have not been affiliated with 3301 for several months now, no contact, no connections.
[2013-03-02 00:32:02] <zebra> Did the onion go down?
[2013-03-02 00:33:02] <zebra> Just out of curiosity, how long have you been with 3301?
[2013-03-02 00:33:29] <Wind> Prior to my recent withdraw, a little over two years.
[2013-03-02 00:33:47] <zebra> How did you get involved?
[2013-03-02 00:34:43] <Wind> An interview of sorts, involving a form of the puzzles and riddles proposed to the internet "applicants", however not quite as technology oriented.
[2013-03-02 00:35:07] <Wind> Recruitment happens in various categories, with the content geared towards the specific individuals desired to "win".
[2013-03-02 00:36:01] <zebra> Was the recruitment posted online?
[2013-03-02 00:36:07] <zebra> Where lots of people tried?
[2013-03-02 00:36:46] <zebra> Wind, Can we get a hint of how to continue?
[2013-03-02 00:37:14] <bakpak2hvy> wind we accidently our 3301
[2013-03-02 00:37:26] <cicada> Wind: YOU
[2013-03-02 00:37:46] <zebra> Lol this is the most exciting shit that happened so far in the past month.
[2013-03-02 00:37:55] <Wind> I actually know less then you this time, I'm not even sure what set they're using, I've taken a leave of absence to deal with other issues for some time.
[2013-03-02 00:38:20] <zebra> Did you lose communications when the new puzzle started?
[2013-03-02 00:39:08] <Wind> Identity changes are not uncommon, and during that process any communication with 3301 is terminated, I was not in touch until near the end of the last event.
[2013-03-02 00:39:34] <zebra> How do you get in touch with them again? They contact you or what?
[2013-03-02 00:41:08] <Wind> Yes, they would initiate contact first, or I suppose I could always join the puzzle and meet them at the end (:
[2013-03-02 00:41:08] <Wind> Completely joking, I'm pretty horrible with computers.
[2013-03-02 00:41:08] <zebra> O.o
[2013-03-02 00:41:08] <zebra> So you're not with 3301?
[2013-03-02 00:41:31] <Wind> I am, but I don't work with computers for them.
[2013-03-02 00:41:45] <zebra> So what do you do?
[2013-03-02 00:41:56] <zebra> I thought they mostly dealt with computers.
[2013-03-02 00:42:28] <Wind> I can't explain it fully, but I deal with psychology and human thought processes.
[2013-03-02 00:42:38] <zebra> Lol u think u can give us the onion link u used to chat with them?
[2013-03-02 00:42:47] <zebra> Psycholohy O.o
[2013-03-02 00:42:54] <iIIustrious> obvious bullshit is obvious
[2013-03-02 00:42:55] <zebra> psychology*
[2013-03-02 00:43:04] <zebra> Thats why I asked for the onion link
[2013-03-02 00:43:06] <zebra> lol
[2013-03-02 00:43:12] <bakpak2hvy> zebra: you know it wont happen
[2013-03-02 00:43:19] <Wind> I communicate with them by phone or letter mostly, as stated earlier I'm not the best with technology.
[2013-03-02 00:43:19] <zebra> SHHHHHHH Dont jinx it
[2013-03-02 00:43:21] <zebra> Knock on wood
[2013-03-02 00:43:29] <iIIustrious> hahaha
[2013-03-02 00:43:30] <zebra> Phone?
[2013-03-02 00:43:33] <zebra> Can we have the number?
[2013-03-02 00:43:39] <bakpak2hvy> oh my jesus
[2013-03-02 00:43:43] <bakpak2hvy> also not going to happen
[2013-03-02 00:43:46] <zebra> Worth a shot
[2013-03-02 00:43:48] <zebra> We got nothing
[2013-03-02 00:43:50] <bakpak2hvy> not even
[2013-03-02 00:43:59] <Wind> They contact me.
[2013-03-02 00:44:05] <zebra> O.o
[2013-03-02 00:44:18] <zebra> Letters?
[2013-03-02 00:44:21] <zebra> Like mail?
[2013-03-02 00:44:58] <Wind> Indeed, old fashioned right? I enjoy real emotion in my communications, It's difficult to read that through messages sent online.
[2013-03-02 00:45:11] <zebra> No return address?
[2013-03-02 00:46:56] <Wind> Even if I knew the current location I most definitely wouldn't divulge it. I believe I'll be in contact this following week, hopefully I may have clues to give from then.
[2013-03-02 00:47:24] <iIIustrious> meaning "I need a week to get my trolling together"
[2013-03-02 00:47:39] <zebra> Well then
[2013-03-02 00:47:43] <zebra> LOL
[2013-03-02 00:48:22] <Wind> Darling, If I wanted to "troll" it most certainly wouldn't take me a week, seeing how I'm not even providing clues at this time there's really no way for me to divert attention from the puzzle anyways.
[2013-03-02 00:48:42] <zebra> Wind, if you arent good with computers how did u pass their test?
[2013-03-02 00:49:07] <Wind> My test was not technology oriented.
[2013-03-02 00:49:24] <zebra> How did they find you then?
[2013-03-02 00:49:51] <bakpak2hvy> zebra is one nosey son of a bitch :P
[2013-03-02 00:50:00] <zebra> I am
[2013-03-02 00:50:15] <zebra> Well fck I gotta go, be on later tonight
[2013-03-02 00:50:22] <zebra> Porbably in like 2-3 hours
[2013-03-02 00:50:33] <Wind> It's a rather long story that I'm not particularly supposed to share, and don't plan on doing so, however it involved many interviews, and written tests.
[2013-03-02 00:50:39] |<-- pappkamerad has left freenode (Quit: Verlassend)
[2013-03-02 00:50:54] <zebra> Ok, be on later.
[2013-03-02 00:51:01] |<-- zebra has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[2013-03-02 00:53:20] <Wind> I should warn you all, if I had the choice, I would not progress further into this.
[2013-03-02 00:53:33] |<-- Wind has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)

Round 2

[2013-03-02 02:36:36] -->| Wind (602aa30a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.XXXXXXX (Michigan IP) has joined #33012013
[2013-03-02 02:36:55] <Lurker69> welcome back wind
[2013-03-02 02:37:00] <Wind> Thank you.
[2013-03-02 02:37:02] <Lurker69> we were just talking ybout you
[2013-03-02 02:37:10] <bakpak2hvy> lurker was just you
[2013-03-02 02:37:14] <Wind> Only good things I hope.
[2013-03-02 02:37:21] <Lurker69> mostly
[2013-03-02 02:37:44] <Lurker69> we wonderedd how and why you found us so late?
[2013-03-02 02:37:56] <bakpak2hvy> 20:01 <@Lurker69> Wind is back
[2013-03-02 02:37:57] <bakpak2hvy> 20:01 <@Lurker69> i am in love <3
[2013-03-02 02:38:13] <Lurker69> our guess was that recent /x/ post is to blame
[2013-03-02 02:38:32] <Lurker69> btw: did anybody admit making this  recent /x/ post
[2013-03-02 02:38:39] <Lurker69> iIIustrious just found it
[2013-03-02 02:38:51] <Lurker69> what if...  it is legit
[2013-03-02 02:39:00] <Wind> Well as I said before several times, I'm not in touch with anyone until hopefully a week. I was actually on pastebin and decided to search for the previous puzzle to see if there were any other winners.
[2013-03-02 02:39:22] <teefs> back for a bit
[2013-03-02 02:39:25] <teefs> which new post?
[2013-03-02 02:39:28] <Wind> I came across information on a new released one, doubted it was authentic, but read up some more and I was surprised to find there was a second release.
[2013-03-02 02:40:08] <Lurker69> "I came across information" that is the part we were intereste in
[2013-03-02 02:40:26] <Wind> On pastebin I found a compilation thread from 2013
[2013-03-02 02:40:31] <teefs> VBFH: kill that script btw, I am stupid
[2013-03-02 02:40:42] <Wind> I expected information regarding the last puzzle, but found it was entirely new.
[2013-03-02 02:40:43] <Lurker69> ah ok
[2013-03-02 02:40:56] <Lurker69> we thought you were browsing 4chan/x/
[2013-03-02 02:41:11] <Wind> Trust me, I hate being in the dark and it's unfortunate I wasn't informed before I left.
[2013-03-02 02:41:17] <teefs> I looked up socks errors, 4 is unreachable, 2 is unable to connect
[2013-03-02 02:41:17] <Lurker69> there is random cicada3301 troll thread on it atm
[2013-03-02 02:41:20] <teefs> they're all down
[2013-03-02 02:41:36] <Lurker69> and cicada 3301 looks dead for a month now
[2013-03-02 02:41:54] <Lurker69> is today exactly a month since we heard from 3310 laast time?
[2013-03-02 02:42:11] <Lurker69> or is today the anniversary of last message from last year?
[2013-03-02 02:43:05] <Lurker69> whazt we couls do is trying to decrypt message in picture in /x/ thread
[2013-03-02 02:43:40] <Lurker69> can we genrate key from that  numbers that were posted on last years goodby message?
[2013-03-02 02:43:48] <Wind> Until I know the puzzle set their using and what I'm supposed to, and allowed to give, I suggest only following leads given by official sources.
[2013-03-02 02:44:21] <Wind> Last year there were more red herrings and dead ends then I could count myself.
[2013-03-02 02:45:21] <Lurker69> yeah this year few of us made sure that game is more beginner friendly
[2013-03-02 02:46:14] <Lurker69> and all troll attempts were recognized and ashamed
[2013-03-02 02:46:27] <teefs> hey guys
[2013-03-02 02:46:52] <Lurker69> if you are interested in how things went this year check wiki and chart in topic wind
[2013-03-02 02:47:22] <teefs> is it ever tractable to brute force an onion address privkey
[2013-03-02 02:47:29] <teefs> I mean the full address
[2013-03-02 02:47:37] <Lurker69> and if you are really in psychology  test questions should look interesting for you
[2013-03-02 02:48:34] <Lurker69> which was deleted few hours ago, oh irony
[2013-03-02 02:48:59] <bakpak2hvy> brother still has them
[2013-03-02 02:49:01] <bakpak2hvy> but hes asleep
[2013-03-02 02:50:18] <Lurker69> i also hve questions in one file i just have to find it
[2013-03-02 02:50:30] <bakpak2hvy> i have a few of them
[2013-03-02 02:50:37] <Lurker69> i have all ithink
[2013-03-02 02:50:45] <bakpak2hvy> but most of them have my smart ass answers in them
[2013-03-02 02:50:50] <Lurker69> i was preparing them to post it on wiki
[2013-03-02 02:53:25] <VBFH> ok teefs, was worth a try
[2013-03-02 02:54:19] <Lurker69> is it ever tractable to brute force an onion address privkey   <---why would you do that
[2013-03-02 02:54:35] <Lurker69> they didnt use  cicada PGP key to create onion adresses
[2013-03-02 02:55:25] <teefs> to use a "vanity" onion address, or to use someone else's
[2013-03-02 02:56:14] <teefs> I got to thinking, they gave us a lot of onion addresses, then asked us to submit onion addresses
[2013-03-02 02:56:21] <teefs> were we supposed to submit one of theirs or something godlike like that
[2013-03-02 02:56:52] <Lurker69> Wind: here are the questions from cicadas "test" if you are interested, we were not supposed to publish them for some unapparent reason
[2013-03-02 02:57:11] <teefs> I have to run, bye guys
[2013-03-02 02:57:16] <Lurker69> bye
[2013-03-02 02:57:29] <Lurker69> i still wonder who made that thread
[2013-03-02 02:57:31] <Lurker69>
[2013-03-02 02:57:38] <Lurker69> and what he wrote in the message
[2013-03-02 02:57:48] <Lurker69> vacant: was it you?
[2013-03-02 02:58:21] <Wind> What does the word "it" refer to in the following sentence:  It is dark outside?
[2013-03-02 02:58:22] <Lurker69> it must be one of us or one of guys who are buthurt for being kicked out
[2013-03-02 02:58:27] <Wind> Was that put in twice originally?
[2013-03-02 02:58:41] <Lurker69> no is it twice in pastebin?
[2013-03-02 02:58:57] <Lurker69> error
[2013-03-02 02:59:11] <Lurker69> order od questions was different each time you take the test
[2013-03-02 02:59:44] <Lurker69> and we were not allowed to took it more than once anyways so we dont know that actually
[2013-03-02 03:00:10] <Lurker69> guys, remember cookies 167 and 176 :-)
[2013-03-02 03:00:34] <Lurker69> there is actually quite alot of things we didnt solve yet
[2013-03-02 03:01:05] <Lurker69> wisdom folley, cookies, dimmmensions of pics, emirps, palindromes...
[2013-03-02 03:11:01] <Lurker69> not bad thread kind of related
[2013-03-02 03:29:11] |<-- Wind has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)

Our pitty dox attempts that confirmed this Wind is probably same winf as Wind on N0va IRC network was in Ciccada 3301 2012

[11:10] <TheOne> the wind comes as a breeze or a gale
[11:11] <wind_> I can come as a hurricane as well, remember that.
[11:13] <wind_> And as I may be the gentle breeze that comforts you, I may also be the last breath you take.

some old logs:  wind answers

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